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According to official news, ULTRADX has reached an in-depth strategic partnership with MastersDAO and the MoreMeta metaverse platform.

According to the official introduction, ULTRADX is a cryptocurrency trading platform that adopts the full-category cross-warehousing margin system of CME in the United States and the real-time clearing and settlement system of OCC. MoreMeta is a comprehensive metaverse project that carries content value and social value in an immersive space.

Now it has reached industry-university-research cooperation in the direction of digital art with a number of art colleges and cultural institutions, and has realized digital solutions for cultural tourism and cultural exposition in many places, providing creation and value innovation for the upstream and downstream of the ecological chain.

MastersDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of enthusiasts and artists in various fields around the world, covering fields such as art, antiques, calligraphy and painting, music, film and television, etc.

Romania’s National Institute for Informatics Research and Development (ICI) has announced a new national program that uses blockchain technology to access, transfer and store its citizens’ official documents.

Dubbed the “Romanian State-Issued Personal Documents and Assets System” (NSIDA), the ultimate goal of the project is to improve the ease of access and management of basic government documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and land and property deeds.

NFTs will be the medium for storing such documents, and this work will also include the launch of an exclusive and secure NFT app where citizens will be able to obtain verified government documents without having to travel to official offices to collect them in person.

Cryptocurrency investment firm Morgan Creek Digital is trying to raise $250 million from investors to buy a majority stake in crypto lender BlockFi.

Morgan Creek Digital declined to comment. As BlockFi struggles to stay afloat, a number of venture capital funds are exploring offering equity financing to the company, a person familiar with the matter said. Previously, FTX was in talks to acquire a stake in BlockFi, a crypto lending institution.

Yuga Labs has sued artist Ryder Ripps and several related individuals, accusing them of using the original BAYC images to mass-produce and sell knockoff versions of the NFT series “RR/BAYC,” which devalued BAYC NFTs.

The lawsuit states that there are only 10,000 pieces in the BAYC NFT collection, each unique and often resold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Yuga Labs seeks to limit further infringement by Ripps et al, and seeks damages and attorneys’ fees. BAYC imitation disk RR/BAYC has been removed from the NFT market OpenSea.

According to the latest analysis data from blockchain analysis company Glassnode, with the arrival of the bear market, the price of ETH has fallen to a low of $1,030, a 75.2% drop from the all-time high of $4,808, causing the Ethereum DeFi market to experience a sharp decline. Leveraged, with more than $124 billion worth of funds vanishing into thin air in just six weeks, investors are currently losing heavily on spot positions, and possibly historically large realized losses.

The violent liquidation of DeFi protocol TVL is mainly due to two mechanisms:

1. Leveraged and revolving lending positions accumulated in the market during the bull market are closed, either actively or through liquidation.

2. The value of crypto collateral drops due to lower repricing of tokens locked in DeFi protocols, usually due to sellers arising from point 1 above.

Harmony founder stephen tse updated the incident of “the cross-chain bridge Horizon between Harmony and ETH was attacked”, saying that there is no evidence of any vulnerability found on the Horizon platform, and the consensus layer of the Harmony blockchain is secure.

The team found evidence that the private key was compromised, leading to the Horizon attack. Funds were stolen from the Ethereum side of the cross-chain bridge. The attacker successfully accessed and decrypted some of these keys, some of which were used to sign unauthorized transactions. The stolen assets included BUSD, USDC, ETH, and WBTC.

Since the incident, Harmony has migrated the Ethereum side of the Horizon bridge to 4/5 multisig (4 out of 5 required).

Harmony will continue to take steps to further enhance operational and infrastructure security. As previously reported, a Polygon security researcher tweeted that hackers may complete the multi-signature process by invading the Horizon bridge hot wallet server.

Harmony officials said that if the attacker returns the stolen funds and shares the vulnerability information, it will provide a bounty of $1 million.

Harmony argued that criminal charges against the attackers would not be brought when the funds were returned.