XTX Markets Launches First $1.048 Million Progress Prize in Groundbreaking AI Mathematical Challenge

In a move, towards enhancing intelligence in mathematical reasoning XTX Markets has revealed the launch of its inaugural $1.048 million advancement award. This award is a part of the Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO) contest, which kicked off on the Kaggle platform.

The AIMO competition, boasting a prize pool of $10 million was introduced in November 2023 with the aim of fostering the growth of AI technologies that excel in solving problems.

The AIMO competition stands out for its mission to create an AI model that not excels in reasoning but also reaches standards comparable to those of a gold medalist at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The prestigious accolade, a $5 million prize awaits the AI model that showcases such proficiency in an event sanctioned by the AIMO Prize.

To drive progress towards this objective XTX Markets has launched a series of advancement awards. The initial award focuses on level high school mathematics providing a accessible platform that falls short of reaching IMO level complexity. This strategic approach aims to engage a range of participants and foster gradual advancements, in AI development.

The contest is set to take place from April 1st to June 27th with an awards ceremony scheduled for July 2024. It will coincide with the 65th International Mathematical Olympiad happening in Bath, UK, where, up to five teams will be recognized and rewarded for their achievements.

The division of the prize money totaling $1.048 million has been carefully arranged. An amount of $253,952 will be distributed among the five teams based on their performance on Kaggles leaderboard and meeting specific benchmarks.

The rest of the prize pool is reserved for the team that reaches a score of least 47 out of 50 on both leaderboards. If no team accomplishes this the funds will be carried over to the years competition to ensure its continuity.

One important rule for being eligible for prizes is that teams must openly share their code, methodologies, data and model parameters. This requirement highlights the competitions focus on transparency, collaboration and advancing intelligence as an effort.

Through AIMO and its progress prizes series XTX Markets aims not to push AI and math problem solving boundaries but to promote open innovation and shared progress, within the field.

The ongoing competition is shaping up to be an event where artificial intelligence, mathematics and collaborative scientific efforts intersect.