Crypto News Flash

According to the encrypted fashion brand RTFKT announced on social media, RTFKT&Clones has joined Nike’s latest Web3 ecosystem platform “.Swoosh”.

Clone X holders can now obtain a unique code through the RTFKT official website to apply for their own “.Swoosh ID”.

Each Clone X holder/wallet is eligible for 1 code, currently wallet snapshot completed on 2/3/2023 at 9:10AM ET.

India hopes to roll out a CBDC nationwide by the end of 2023, according to people familiar with the matter. Last year, India has launched two CBDC pilot projects, one is the CBDC-W that started on November 1 last year, with the participation of 9 banks, and the other is the CBDC-R that started on December 1 last year, which was piloted in 4 cities. 4 banks participated.

While CBDC-W is limited to financial institutions and aims to improve the efficiency of interbank payments, CBDC-R is suitable for the private sector and citizens of India. While the government has told parliament that India will issue a CBDC-R within the 2022-23 financial year, it is not yet known when it will be implemented.

MicroStrategy co-founder and executive chairman Michael Saylor said the firm may at some point consider foraying into CME Group’s bitcoin futures contracts to generate income.

Saylor said that in the past, MicroStrategy considered, but ultimately decided not to lend Bitcoin through other companies; “In the future, we will always consider forward rates, and we may find a way to generate income in this way.” Saylor also said that he does not intend to separate MicroStrategy’s enterprise software and bitcoin businesses because the two are integrated.

According to the news on February 3, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin impairment charges in the fourth quarter of 2022 amounted to US$197.6 million. As of the end of 2022, MicroStrategy’s total bitcoin holdings have increased to 132,500, worth $1.8 billion; the company’s cumulative impairment losses on bitcoin holdings have reached $2.2 billion.

The Ethereum zhejiang test network activated the Shanghai upgrade at 15:00 UTC epoch 1350, successfully simulating the withdrawal of pledged ETH for the first time.

Barnabas Busa, a DevOps engineer at the Ethereum Foundation, said both partial and full withdrawals, as well as BLS changes, were included in the execution load.

The next testnet upgrade will be in Sepolia sometime next week, followed by the Goerli testnet.

A U.S. judge rejected part of FTX founder SBF’s request to amend bail conditions, with a hearing still scheduled for Feb. 9, court documents show.

On Monday, SBF’s legal team and prosecutors reached an agreement to amend SBF’s bail conditions regarding electronic communications.

SBF is allowed to use various messaging apps, including FaceTime, Zoom, iMessage, SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (for WhatsApp, SBF’s phone must have monitoring software installed), but SBF will not be allowed to use encrypted messaging apps while on bail , such as Signal et al.

The Australian government says it is working to ensure regulation of crypto assets protects consumers and positions the economy to take advantage of new digital products and services. To achieve these goals, the Australian government has stated that it plans to reform the licensing and custody of crypto assets.

The government said it would place particular emphasis on cryptocurrencies that are not currently part of the financial services regulatory framework. The government led by Anthony Norman Albanese said it also intends to hold crypto asset service providers to what it calls a set of obligations and operating standards. The statement added that such standards are designed to protect customers’ digital funds.

Regarding the design of the regulatory and licensing framework, the Australian government said it would begin a public consultation process in mid-2023 to allow for adequate consultation before introducing legislation.

The NBA Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo NFT on the ethereum fantasy basketball game Sorare NBA was sold for approximately 113.9 ETH (approximately $187,000).

The transaction price set a new record for the transaction price of a Sorare NBA series single product, broke the record for the highest transaction price on the Giannis Antetokounmpo NFT chain, and was higher than the $95,000 transaction price of the star’s NFT on NBA Top Shot in February 2021.

Over the past week, the top SHIB whales on Ethereum have amassed approximately $128 million worth of Shiba Inu (SHIB), making it the number one non-ETH asset on the Ethereum whale holdings list.

According to WhaleStats data, since February 1, the top 100 Ethereum investors have increased their holdings of a large number of SHIBs. The value of their holdings has jumped from about US$599 million to about US$729 million, and the number of SHIBs has increased by 8749145591250.

This accounts for 18.5% of their portfolio, ranking second behind Ethereum, followed by stablecoins USDT (17.42%) and USDC (14.21%).

As a result, SHIB is now the most-held crypto asset (in USD equivalent terms) in these wallets after Ethereum. It is also currently the most traded coin by top whales on Ethereum.

The blockchain analysis company Messari released the “Polkadot Status Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2022”. The data shows that the daily activity and new users of the Polkadot relay chain increased by 64% and 49% respectively in the fourth quarter due to users staying away from the FTX Polkadot relay chain. A decrease of 31%, a year-on-year decrease of 83%.

Additionally, XCM has seen more than 166,000 transfers across 70 channels since its launch in May, and the next iteration, XCM V3, will introduce seamless encrypted asset transfers, enhanced cross-chain interoperability, NFT support, and connectivity with external networks. bridging.

So far, Polkadot parachain slots have won 35 slots, with a total of 133 million DOTs bound (accounting for 10.5% of the total supply).

Polkadot’s next iteration, OpenGov, is already running on Kusama and is expected to run on Polkadot in the near future.

According to data from the sports NFT platform Sorare, the NFT star card of NBA Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo was sold at a price of 113.888 ETH, or about $186,000.

Set the highest transaction record so far on the Sorare NBA platform. According to data from Cryptoslam, the current total transaction volume of the Sorare platform has reached 544 million US dollars, with a total of approximately 6,107,010 transactions.