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The latest Bitfinex Alpha report pointed out that new purchasing power has recently entered the encryption market, and spot buying is a typical feature of the early bull market or the late bear market.

Although, Bitfinex analysts urge caution, they recommend waiting for confirmation that the breakout from the 273-day range will prove sustained.

Additionally, Bitfinex analysts analyzed order flow and on-chain data, concluding that Bitcoin’s recent price gains can be attributed to spot buying by investors and traders large and small.

Finally, Bitfinex analysts commented that the recent surge in BTC prices is a hopeful sign for the cryptocurrency market.

Data shows that at least $5 billion has flowed into USDT in the past few weeks, and its market capitalization has exceeded $77 billion so far.

Cluzeau said that we have seen a lot of USDC and DAI being traded into USDT, which keeps USDT liquid. Mitya Argunov, chief product officer at, said that USDC’s systemic risk impacts the DAI stablecoin, further strengthening the argument that tether holds multiple assets to back its stablecoin.

Tether’s performance during the crisis was largely due to the fact that it had no direct exposure to SVB, it just had no deposits there. Other major stablecoins, such as DAI, were also indirectly exposed and unpegged, as they were actually mostly collateralized by USDC.

An article by the European Parliament on anti-money laundering rules for commercial crypto payments has caused a stir in the European digital asset industry.

Policymakers hope the loophole of untraceable transactions can be closed by banning payments above a 1,000-euro ($1,070) threshold from unregulated crypto payment service providers operating in the European Union.

However, the industry is concerned that this addition could deviate from the regulatory path already outlined in the final bill, such as the impending regulation of crypto asset markets and money transfers or impede innovation in the decentralized finance space. The legislation is currently being negotiated and is subject to change.

March 22 news, according to data analysis platform X-explore research, Arbitrum’s anti-sybil rules in this airdrop caused a “major loophole”, resulting in approximately 150,000 Sybil (sybil) addresses and at least 4,000 Sybil communities profiting More than 253 million tokens, accounting for 21.8% of the total airdrop volume.

According to X-explore speculation, Arbitrum’s rules are: exclude cross-chain bridges, centralized exchanges, and smart contracts when detecting Sybil; use relatively tolerant detection for small-scale, same-person addresses; only snapshots (February 6, 2023 ) before for Sybil detection.

Only data from Arbitrum and Ethereum were used for Sybil detection, while data from other Ethereum 2 layers such as Optimism and Polygon were ignored.

These Sybil detection rules will cause major loopholes. According to the above rules, X-explore detects witch address data through the internal same-person address/Sybil address recognition model.

French luxury fashion house Balmain unveiled its latest Web3 initiative today, launching limited-edition NFTs based on its Unicorn (unicorn) footwear collection, with each sneaker paired with a matching pair of limited-edition real-world shoes.

The sale includes 130 limited-edition unicorn sneakers featuring the same NFT sneakers designed by Space Runners.

The collection’s ethereum NFT was created in partnership with digital fashion company Space Runners, and five unique sneaker designs debuted via the collection’s Unicorn pack, each priced between $1,595 and $2,095 and available in traditional currencies or ETH payment.

Coinbase said it has integrated Pix, the Brazilian government’s payment system, and began allowing the purchase of cryptocurrencies with the Brazilian real.

The partnership with Pix, which has more than 140 million users, was made possible through a partnership with Ebanx, an end-to-end payment processor in Brazil.

In addition to purchasing in local currency, customers can also withdraw Brazilian reals. Additionally, Coinbase says its app is fully available in Portuguese and offers 24-hour support.

According to news on March 19, former Coinbase Chief Technology Officer Balaji Srinivasan and Twitter user James Medlock made a million-dollar bet on the price of Bitcoin.

According to the proposed terms, Balaji buys one bitcoin, and if the bitcoin price does not reach $1 million within 90 days (June 17), James Medlock will win Balaji’s $1 million, otherwise he will lose one bitcoin.

Balaji said he was also looking to make an equal-sized bet on the price of bitcoin with another person.

According to the official Twitter of General Bytes, the General Bytes encrypted currency ATM service was attacked on March 17 and 18. The attacker used the upload interface in the system to upload and run a malicious Java program, and then the attacker obtained the database in the server. Permissions and Hot Wallet Withdrawal API Key.

According to statistics from Slow Mist MistTrack, the loss is about 1.8 million US dollars. At present, the official has issued an event announcement and a repair plan. If relevant users operate such services, they can contact the official immediately.

According to previous news, General Bytes also encountered a security incident in August 2022, but the official did not disclose whether any cryptocurrencies were stolen.

According to news on March 19, the blockchain security company Coinspect Security issued a document stating that through cooperation with the Algorand wallet MyAlgo, the root cause of MyAlgo’s hacking has been determined, and the official announcement will be made soon.

Currently, attacks are no longer active, do not exploit application bugs or vulnerable codebases, do not abuse browser features (such as autofill), private key encryption is not weak, open source MyAlgo components are unaffected.

In addition, the attacker decrypted the private key because they obtained the password, not due to an encryption vulnerability. For affected users, it is recommended to change the wallet password immediately and never reuse it.

Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has used its “Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund” of the Web3 metaverse fund to invest in SuperGaming, a game studio in cooperation with Google Cloud. Bandai Namco Entertainment said in a statement that this investment It will further expand its business in the Asian IP market.

Although the amount of this investment has not been publicly disclosed, the fund usually invests between 10 million yen and 500 million yen.

Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund was established in April last year. It mainly supports start-up companies that build an “IP universe”. It also invested in DeepMotion, a digital character solution that provides AI-driven motion capture and real-time body tracking.