Brave Introduces AI Assistant Leo for iPhone and iPad Users

In an update, for web browsing Brave has introduced its latest creation, Leo, a virtual assistant now accessible to iPhone and iPad users. This announcement was made on Wednesday marking the expansion of Braves AI capabilities to iOS devices after its debut on Android and desktop platforms.

Leo stands out with its voice to text feature, a functionality not found in its Android counterpart. This addition aims to simplify user interactions with the AI by enabling commands to be effortlessly converted into text. This improvement is set to streamline tasks like searching and asking questions reducing the reliance on typing.

The AI assistants features are extensive going beyond voice commands. Leo can effectively summarize web pages and videos address content related queries. Create written reports. It also provides services, like content translation, page rephrasing and transcribing audio and video content. Additionally Leo can aid users in coding tasks showcasing the versatility of the assistant.

Brave has included language models, in Leo, such as Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant by Anthropic and Llama 2 13B by Meta. Users have the option to switch between these models or upgrade to Leo Premium for a fee of $14.99 offering usage limits.

This decision by Brave is seen as a way to offer users an in house alternative to AI services like ChatGPT aiming to keep users engaged within their platform. The addition of Leo in Braves lineup showcases the growing trend among web browsers to integrate AI assistants. Opera had previously introduced Aria, an AI assistant developed with OpenAI that features a chatbot interface, for responses.

To access Leo on iOS devices users must update their Brave browser to version 1.63. The feature can be activated by typing a query in the address bar and selecting “Ask Leo.” For those who prefer a browsing experience the AI assistant can be turned off in the app settings.

Braves recent update introducing Leo for iOS users demonstrates their dedication to improving the browsing experience through AI technology.
This advancement enhances user engagement with the browser. Establishes a benchmark, for mobile browsing technology.