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In a step, towards expanding its technological presence Microsoft has announced a $2.1 billion investment plan over the next two years to boost its artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud infrastructure in Spain. Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of the U.S. based software giant shared this development via a statement on the social media platform X.

This investment in Spain forms part of Microsofts strategy to strengthen its AI capabilities worldwide. It comes on the heels of another investment of 3.2 billion euros ($3.45 billion) in Germany dedicated to AI initiatives. This demonstrates Microsofts commitment to leading in the evolving field of AI showing dedication not just to advancing technology but also to fueling economic growth in regions where investments are made.

Brad Smith stressed that this investment goes beyond setting up data centers. He emphasized Microsofts 37 year relationship with Spain portraying the investment as a commitment to enhancing the countrys security and promoting transformation across government institutions, businesses and citizens.

This move is expected to make a contribution to Spains infrastructure by potentially generating new employment opportunities improving digital skills, among workers and fostering innovation across various sectors.

Despite the announcement Microsoft has not shared details, about the investment specifics or when the new infrastructure will be put in place. Various media outlets, like Reuters have reached out to Microsoft for information. Have not received immediate responses.

The investment in Spains AI and cloud infrastructure is expected to position the country as a player in Europes tech scene. This move aligns with EUs objectives of transformation and technological independence. It mirrors Microsofts approach of investing in markets to strengthen its presence in crucial tech areas such, as AI, cloud computing and cybersecurity.