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Semiconductor Consortium Appeals to India Ahead of WTO Meeting

In a development, with implications for the global semiconductor industry a group of semiconductor industry organizations has contacted the Indian government urging a review of its position on imposing tariffs on cross border digital e commerce and data transfers.

Inflation Insights and AI Momentum: Key Drivers for U.S. Stock Market’s Next Moves

The financial world is gearing up for an event, with the release of Januarys Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) price index, a crucial gauge of inflation used by the Federal Reserve.

Nvidia Overtakes Tesla as Wall Street’s Leading Trading Powerhouse

There has been a change, on Wall Street as Nvidia, a leading chipmaker based in Santa Clara, California has surpassed Tesla to become the traded stock by value.

Microsoft Announces $2.1 Billion Investment in Spain to Boost AI and Cloud Capabilities

In a step, towards expanding its technological presence Microsoft has announced a $2.1 billion investment plan over the next two years to boost its artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud infrastructure in Spain.

U.S. Injects $1.5 Billion into GlobalFoundries to Ramp Up Domestic Chip Production

The U.S. Government made a move to strengthen the countrys semiconductor manufacturing capabilities by announcing a $1.5 billion funding package, for GlobalFoundries on Monday.

Goldman Sachs Revises S&P 500 Year-End Forecast to 5,200 Amid Positive Earnings Prospects

Goldman Sachs recently made an update revising the year end target, for the S&P 500 index to 5,200 up from the estimate of 5,100.

European Markets Reach Fresh 2-Year Highs Amid Data, Earnings Surge

European markets concluded a week filled with data releases and earnings updates on a note.

France to Adjust Economic Growth Forecast Amidst Fiscal Challenges

In a development that has garnered attention from international observers Frances Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire is preparing to update the countrys growth projections for the upcoming year.

Super Micro’s Dramatic Stock Shift: Record Highs to Significant Dip

On a day of ups and downs, for Super Micro Computer Inc. the companys stock had quite a ride.

JPMorgan Settles for $350 Million in Penalties Due to Incomplete Trade Data Reporting

JPMorgan has agreed to pay around $350 million, in fines as part of a settlement following findings by regulators that it failed to report trading data.

Nvidia’s Earnings Report: A Crucial Moment for the Tech and AI Sector

In an upcoming event closely watched by investors and market analysts, Nvidia, a leading chipmaker, is set to release its quarterly earnings on February 21.

Apple Alters iPhone Web App Functionality in EU Due to New Regulations

Apple recently announced that the changes made to the functionality of iPhone web apps, web apps (PWAs), within the European Union were intentional.

Google Enhances Developer Access to Advanced Gemini Language Models on Vertex AI

In a step, for the technology community Google has expanded the availability of its Gemini large language models to developers on its Vertex AI platform.

Expanding AI-Generated Imagery Labelling: Meta’s Approach

In the digital age, the manipulation of visual content has become a potent tool for both creativity and deception.

UK Government Announces Over £100 Million Investment in AI Regulation and Innovation

The UK government has recently announced an investment of, than £100 million to strengthen the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) and encourage innovation in the field.

Microsoft Anticipates Significant Revenue Boost from AI Integration, Securing Market Lead

In a remarkable display of financial performance, Microsoft is poised to reveal a 15.8% increase in its quarterly revenue, marking its most substantial growth in nearly two years.

Intel Faces Market Setback Amid Slow AI Advancements and PC Market Challenges

On Friday, Intel Corporation experienced a significant downturn in its stock value, declining over 12% due to a discouraging revenue forecast for the first quarter.

What is Cosmos? A Beginner’s Guide to the Cosmos Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been revolutionizing various industries, and one of the most  promising projects in this space is Cosmos.

Exploring the Potential of Meta’s Multimodal AI in Smart Glasses

The marriage of artificial intelligence and wearable technology has been a slow burn — a tantalizing glimpse of the future that has yet to fully ignite the present.

Apple Announces Significant Changes to App Store and Payment Systems in Europe

In a landmark move set to reshape the digital landscape within the European Union, Apple has detailed a series of comprehensive modifications to its App Store and core elements of iOS, aiming to align with new EU legislation.