The Ethereum official website launched by the Ethereum Foundation released the product roadmap for the first quarter. The key points in the roadmap include the launch of Launchpad to help users withdraw the pledged Ethereum, and the addition of relevant educational content to provide users with information about safe withdrawal from the deposit contract. guide.

In addition, the roadmap also includes exploring AI illustrations and intelligent translation, and helping developers participate in Google Summer of Code activities.

According to yesterday’s news, at the first Ethereum core developer meeting in 2023, Ethereum developers said that they planned to launch a public testnet for Shanghai upgrade in early February, and start upgrading the mainnet in March.

Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said that the government has recently completed the legislative work to set up a licensing system for virtual asset service providers.

Under the new system, the anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, and investor protection requirements that relevant exchanges need to meet are consistent with the requirements currently applicable to traditional financial institutions, which is believed to provide a certain degree of market recognition for virtual asset exchanges. He also said that in the context of the explosion of virtual asset exchanges in the near future, Hong Kong has become a foothold for high-quality virtual asset companies to connect. It will create risk gaps in financial stability, investor protection, improper financial activities, etc.

Paul Chan Mo-po also pointed out that the government and regulatory agencies are also conducting a number of pilot projects to test the technical advantages of virtual assets and explore related applications. He revealed that the green bonds to be issued by the government will be tokenized for subscription by institutional investors.

In addition, Joseph Chan Ho-lim, deputy director of the Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury Bureau, said that the Securities Regulatory Commission is formulating regulatory rules for virtual asset exchanges and hopes to start public consultation as soon as possible early this year.

0xscope, the Web3 knowledge graph protocol, tweeted that its researcher Bobie found that addresses starting with 0x5c21 made 43 on-chain transfers 10 hours ago.

694,895,781 StarkNet tokens STRK were transferred, accounting for about 7% of the total supply of tokens, and this part of tokens was transferred from the 634,725,965 STRKs previously transferred by the StarkNet token casting contract and the rest of the early distribution (December 6, December 15th, December 22nd, December 29th), 12 LockedTokenGrant contract addresses have not received transfers before, and 23 other addresses received tests from 0x5c21 on January 3rd and January 5th Transfer, 2 addresses received a test transfer on December 22. 0xscope speculates that this could be StarkNet distributing its initial allocation.

FTX’s Bahamas company spent nearly $40 million on hotels, food and travel in just nine months. More than $15 million of that was spent on luxury hotels and lodging, $5.8 million on the resort Hotel Albany (a luxury apartment complex where SBF and other FTX, Alameda employees live), and about $3.6 million on the four-star Grand Hyatt, Another $800,000 was spent on the five-star Rosewood Resort, nearly $7 million was spent on dining and entertainment, about half of which was spent on food service, nearly $4 million was spent on flights, and more than $500,000 was spent on postage and delivery .

Additionally, the lawyers noted that FTX Digital Markets, a Bahamian-based company of the cryptocurrency exchange, did not generate any client revenue during this period.

The company is also offering Bahamian employees “a full package of cars and gas for all employees, as well as unlimited, all-expenses-paid travel to any office worldwide.” Before filing for bankruptcy, FTX had about 1,310 employees, which means that each employee spent an average of nearly $12,000 on hotels over a nine-month period, according to technology tracking site Growjo.

Conor, a former Bridgewater Fund employee and current Coinbase business director, disclosed that data on the chain showed that SBF/Alameda had purchased millions of dollars of NFTs on the Solana chain and once pushed up the floor price and transaction volume of multiple projects.
The “6gfi6GSjrhqc5xDLtDkVrTR61Hi7GMNPmJknxvbqzb1x” address is the address used by SBF to bridge from Ethereum to Solana in January 2021 and inject millions of dollars worth of SOL tokens into it.

This address purchased more than 500 NFTs in October 2021, including several blue-chip NFTs with prices as high as “5 figures”. FTX US launched the Solana NFT deposit and withdrawal function in the following November. All of these NFTs are currently in the FTX US NFT wallet, so FTX creditors in the current bankruptcy proceedings will need to claim not only the Boring Apes held by FTX, but also the Solana on-chain NFTs.

The NFT lending platform Astaria announced on its official social media account that it has completed the deployment of the project code base through the work of the past eight months, and now it is officially open-sourced and open to the public on GitHub to support users to mortgage NFT for Ethereum loans.

The founder of Astaria is Joseph Delong, the former chief technology officer of SushiSwap, and he completed a financing of US$8 million in June last year.

According to a report by Arcane Research, although some uncertainty remains, the overall market appears to be stabilizing. All eyes are on DCG’s next move in its debt collection campaign against users of its Gemini Earn product, which could further exacerbate the downward price move. If DCG enters bankruptcy proceedings, it may be forced to liquidate its assets (such as selling GBTC, ETHE, etc. positions), and Reg M may be launched, allowing traders to redeem Grayscale Trust shares at net asset value.

Reg M will lead to a massive arbitrage strategy of selling crypto spot instead of buying Grayscale Trust shares. If this happens, the crypto market could fall even further. However, in the long run, the market will eventually eliminate this effect and gradually become a potential market bottom event. Additionally, the data indicated that BTC’s seven-day volatility fell to 0.7%, its lowest point in two and a half years.

The 30-day volatility has followed a similar trend and is currently hovering around 1.4%, matching levels briefly touched before FTX crashed in early November last year. In fact, since February 2019, the number has fallen only seven times. These periods of low volatility rarely last for long, Arcane said. As a result, periods of volatility compression are often followed by wild swings, even in market downturns.

Shibarium Network, the second-tier solution of Shiba Inu, tweeted that it has noticed some rumors on the Internet that Shibarium will choose to use other tokens other than SHIB and BONE on the network, so it issued a statement confirming that SHIB will be destroyed in every transaction on the chain and will still be BONE will be used to pay for gas.

BONE is also the only token Shibarium chooses to pay gas fees, and the network protocol will not use other tokens.

At the same time, Shibarium also clarified that its blockchain is not a project around ownership and interoperability with other tokens, and the Beta test version will be launched soon.

Asset management giant BlackRock has added bitcoin to the portfolio of its Blackrock Global Allocation Fund.

BlackRock said in a filing that the fund may invest in cash-settled bitcoin futures traded on commodity exchanges registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

According to the report, this is one of the first general funds to add Bitcoin to its portfolio, showing that Bitcoin has become a sufficiently mature diversified asset that it is a valuable investment even in very conservative portfolios. .

It is reported that BlackRock Global Allocation Fund invests in stocks, bonds and short-term securities of corporate and government issuers on a global scale, without prescribed restrictions. “Under normal market conditions, the fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in securities of corporate and government issuers,” BlackRock said. In addition, the fund may invest in equity securities of small and emerging growth companies .

By the end of 2022, Binance’s share of the Bitcoin spot trading market will rise to 92%, according to Arcane Research. At the beginning of last year, Binance had a market share of only 45%, but the removal of transaction fees last June and the collapse of rival FTX both prompted users to switch to Binance.

Meanwhile, a report from CryptoCompare showed that Binance had a 66.7% share of the overall crypto market at the end of last year, well ahead of second-ranked Coinbase (8.2%).

Rumors of Binance’s solvency increased significantly after the FTX crash, and the exchange experienced some outflows for a short period of time, but the situation has since stabilized. Such a high market share could cause serious problems for the industry if Binance runs into any problems.