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The floor price of MATR1X 2061 NFT has risen to 2.65ETH, which may be affected by the financing of US$10 million

According to data from OpeanSea, the floor price of MATR1X 2061, the NFT series of Web3 entertainment platform MATR1X, may have been affected by the $10 million A-2 round of financing, which has risen to 2.65 ETH. So far, 165 coins have been traded in 24 hours, with a 24-hour trading volume of 386 ETH and a total trading volume of 7644 ETH.

Nearly 38 million NFTs have been engraved on the Bitcoin network, creating 2,403 BTC gas consumption

According to Bitcoin NFTScan data, as of November 10, a total of 37.96 million NFTs have been engraved on the Bitcoin network. A gas fee consumption of 2,403 BTC was created on the chain, creating transaction packaging income worth approximately US$90 million for the Bitcoin miners. There are currently 672,000 Bitcoin wallet addresses holding NFT assets.

The creator of the NFT series Springfield Punks posted a message suggesting that tokens DONUTs may be issued

Rino Russo, the creator of the "Simpsons" themed NFT series Springfield Punks, posted on social media that I have established a reputation as a top artist through years of hard work. One of my series sold 1,500 ETH in one day. Now it is time to innovate further. , more details about DONUTs will be released soon. As of press time, according to Blur market data, the floor price of the NFT project Springfield Punks is temporarily reported at 0.033 ETH.

The total transaction volume of Nike’s RTFKT NFT series has reached nearly US$1.4 billion

According to The Block, the total number of NFT transactions issued by Nike’s encrypted fashion brand RTFKT has reached nearly $1.4 billion. Meanwhile, RTFKT’s more than two dozen series, including the CloneX-Takashi Murakami incarnation NFT launched in late 2021, have grossed $170 million, according to DefiLlama.

NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain exceeded US$16 million in October, an increase from the previous two months

According to cryptoslam data, NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain reached $16,468,621.69 in October, an increase from August ($11,915,930.74) and September ($14,739,931.12). In addition, the NFT transaction volume on the Bitcoin chain reached 51,187 in October, including 12,325 independent buyers and 12,276 independent sellers.

Mintable CEO: UK risks regulating NFTs in the wrong way

Mintable CEO Zach Burks said the UK government is in danger of regulating NFTs in a way that is inconsistent with the nature of the emerging technology. Burks said he believed a recent UK parliamentary committee report grossly exaggerated the role NFTs play in copyright infringement and failed to recognize that they are more than just unstable digital images. And he believes that NFTs are in a transitional phase, where they are emerging from the speculative craze and are now entering a practical phase of implementing NFTs in a range of different things.

September is the worst month for NFT sales since January 2021

Binance researchers said September was the worst month on record for NFT sales declines since January 2021. The base prices of major series such as Azuki, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club have dropped by more than 25% month-on-month. NFT collections related to games and the metaverse experienced the largest decline last quarter, plunging more than 40% The average sales price in September was $38.17, down significantly from the August 2021 peak of $791.84. The number of daily independent NFT buyers also dropped 14% month-on-month to approximately 53,000. Analysts attributed this to challenging market conditions and low liquidity.

NFT sales surged 12.62% this week compared to last week

According to data, after weekly sales continued to decline in the past two months, NFT sales rebounded this week, with NFT sales soaring 12.62% from last week. Nearly two dozen blockchains have recorded NFT transactions worth approximately $70.51 million. Ethereum topped the list of NFT trading volume this week with a trading volume of $36.96 million, an increase of 16.09% from the previous week. Ethereum NFT sales this week were US$36.96 million, accounting for 52.41% of the week’s total.

The number of buyer addresses in the Ethereum NFT market in the past 24 hours was 3,572

According to NFTGo data, the number of buyer addresses in the Ethereum NFT market in the past 24 hours was 3,572, and the number of seller addresses was 3,382. The number of profitable addresses in the past 30 days was 32,991, and the number of unprofitable addresses was 462,476. In addition, the current Ethereum NFT market sentiment index is 14, with a grade of "Cold". Note: The NFT market sentiment index is calculated based on volatility, trading volume, social media and Google Trends.

UK Commission calls for NFT copyright infringement safeguards and code of conduct

A British committee made up of members from different political parties wants the country's government to work with NFT markets to address copyright infringement, according to a report released on Wednesday. Introduce a code of conduct to better protect creators. The organization began investigating NFTs in November. Ms Caroline Dinage MP, chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, said artists were at risk of seeing the results of their hard work being fabricated and promoted without permission. Fraudulent and misleading advertising adds an extra layer of danger for investors participating in this already risky industry.

NFT sales fell for the seventh consecutive week, down 11.65% month-on-month

According to the 7-day NFT sales data, NFT sales fell further for the seventh consecutive week. The total number of NFT transactions last week was US$66.11 million, a decrease of 11.65% from the previous week. The number of NFT buyers increased by 17.77% last week, while the number of sellers increased by 15.82%. Data shows that NFT sales on the Ethereum platform accounted for the largest share, with $38.1 million last week.

NFT sales fell for the sixth consecutive week, down 9.91% from the previous week

Although the crypto market has risen over the past few days, NFT sales have declined for the sixth consecutive week. NFT sales this week were US$72.76 million, a decrease of 9.91% from the previous week. However, the number of NFT buyers increased by 17.77% to 569,407. The number of NFT sellers also increased by 15.82% in the past week, reaching 714,889. In cross-blockchain NFT sales, Ethereum ranked first, with sales reaching $37.27 million, meaning that 51.22% of NFT transactions this week came from the Ethereum blockchain. Despite the lead, ETH-focused NFT sales declined slightly, down 1.16% compared to the previous week. Mythos NFT sales ranked second, with sales reaching $7.83 million, a surge of 13.12% since last week. Polygon ranked third in NFT sales this week with sales of $7.12 million. Solana ranked fourth with $5.86 million, and Immutable X ranked fifth with sales of $5.47 million. Additionally, the crown for the top NFT series this week was taken by Mythos’ Dmarket, with sales of $7.76 million. Immutable X-housed compilation album "Gods Unchained" followed in second place, earning $5.22 million.

NFT project Pudgy Penguins’ 24-hour trading volume exceeded 1,000 ETH

Data shows that the 24-hour trading volume of the NFT project Pudgy Penguins has just exceeded 1,000 ETH. Additionally, Pudgy Penguins floor prices have increased by 7.2% in the past 24 hours and by 23.2% in the past seven days. Walmart will sell the Pudgy Penguins NFT toy line in two thousand stores across the United States, with prices ranging from $2.99 to $11.97, and each Pudgy toy will have access to Pudgy World.

Former SEC official: NFT market is completely rigged

Former SEC Internet Enforcement Office Director John Reed Stark said in his tweet that the NFT market is completely manipulated. Stark criticizes venture capitalists and Wall Street players, claiming they are getting rich by promoting NFTs that promise decentralization, financial inclusion and instant wealth. However, he asserted that many retail buyers ended up suffering financial losses while these financiers profited. Stark’s criticism also spanned the entire crypto industry. He believes that cryptocurrencies fail as an investment due to a lack of regulation, transparency, consumer protection, insurance, licensing and net capital requirements.

Between January 2022 and July 2023, NFT monthly trading volume plummeted 81%

Data from DappRadar shows that between January 2022 and July 2023, NFT monthly transaction volume plummeted by 81%, and NFT monthly sales dropped by 61% during the same period. In addition, the floor prices of blue-chip NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks are at more than two-year lows, according to industry data tracking agency NFT Price Floor.

Three NFT markets restrict Stoner Cats trading after US SEC action

As of now, at least 3 NFT markets have restricted the trading of the NFT series Stoner Cats. Each market has taken a different approach to limiting Stoner Cats. OpenSea and Blur continue to showcase items from the collection, but both block transactions by hiding listings and offers under a single NFT page. An OpenSea spokesperson confirmed that Stoner Cats cannot be bought, sold or transferred on the platform, but said the series has not been delisted or removed. In addition, Rarible has hidden the entire collection of Stoner Cats, and Rarible’s official website assures users that they still own the relevant NFTs. Like most NFTs, these items can circulate freely on the blockchain or be traded on other compatible marketplaces. Rarible responded by saying that based on its market monitoring of recent events, it has blocked access to Stoner Cats. According to previous news, the US SEC accused Stoner Cats 2 LLC (SC2) of conducting an unregistered crypto asset securities issuance in the form of NFT, raising approximately US$8 million to fund an animated web series called Stoner.

Animoca Brands founder and chairman Yat Siu launches ApeCoin proposal AIP-297 to create sister DAO and NFT vault

According to community governance platform Snapshot information, Animoca Brands founder and chairman Yat Siu has launched a new ApeCoin proposal AIP-297. Aiming to create a sister DAO and be responsible for managing a community-controlled NFT vault within the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem, which will promote cross-community collaboration and demonstrate support for different NFT communities. Yat Siu also requested ApeCoin DAO to allocate 750,000 APE (approximately $825,000) to the vault for the purchase of 8 boring apes BAYC, 12 mutant apes MAYC, 15 BAKC Dog, 15 Mocaverse Mocas, and 15 Cool Cats, 15 World of Women NFTs, 12 Pudgy Penguins, 12 Kodas, 15 Otherdeeds and 20 The Sandbox virtual plots. The proposal will end voting on September 21 and has received 73.87% support so far.

Europol warns of increasing criminal activity in DeFi and NFT sectors

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement cooperation agency, recently published a European financial and economic crime threat assessment. The report highlights the complexity of financial and economic crime affecting the EU, such as money laundering, corruption, fraud, intellectual property crime and counterfeiting. The report states that decentralized finance (DeFi) based on blockchain technology is expected to bring greater independence and security. However, the lack of regulation in this area leaves room for economic crime as criminals store illegal assets on DeFi platforms. Highly volatile cryptocurrencies are also targets of fraud schemes and money laundering activities. NFTs are growing in popularity, but also attract fraudsters due to their instant transaction capabilities. Given the cross-border transaction characteristics of NFT, there is a huge risk of money laundering. Furthermore, the emergence of the Metaverse (a digital space for various activities) has been adopted by the financial sector and provides new opportunities for criminals. Cases of fraud and theft have been reported in the virtual universe, indicating an underlying trend of organized crime in this virtual environment. In the face of these evolving financial and economic crimes, Europol emphasizes the need for proactive measures, international cooperation and leading criminal innovation to ensure the security and stability of the EU.

SleepdroppingNFT scam has caused more than $11.5 million in losses since December 2022

A research report by web3 security experts Forta Network and Blockfence shows that since December 2022, an NFT scam called sleepdropping targeting Ethereum users has affected thousands of people and caused more than $11.5 million in losses. The scam works by sending unsuspecting users what appear to be real ERC-1155 tokens (usually NFTs). This tactic lures users to deceptive websites, tricking them into authorizing transactions and inadvertently transferring their assets into the hands of scammers. The organization behind the operation remains unknown. The report states that more than 500,000 addresses have become recipients of these misleading token airdrops, and currently, more than 20,000 users have been confirmed to be victims.

Data: DeFi TVL fell 5% to US$72 billion in August, and NFT transaction volume and sales generally fell

According to the August market analysis report released by Dapprader, the total DeFi lock-up volume (TVL) fell by 5% in August and stabilized at a range of US$72 billion. Ethereum is still the leading blockchain in DeFi, occupying 71% in this field. %leading position. Followed by popular Layer-2 solutions such as Arbitrum and Optimism, the second-layer blockchain Base launched by Coinbase has received great attention from DeFi enthusiasts. Within a few weeks of going online, its TVL soared 946% to $431 million. NFT transaction volume and sales volume generally fell, with transaction volume falling by 16% to $559 million, and sales volume falling by 13%, with a total sales volume of 3.2 million.



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