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According to the historical transaction data of NFTGO, the Tiffany NFT series “NFTiff” has not had any transactions since August 13. The total transaction amount so far is 3.56 million US dollars, and the market value is 16.2 million US dollars.

According to Dune Analytics data, although a total of 250 NFTiffs have been minted, 26 have not been redeemed so far.

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According to the latest NFT transaction data, the transaction volume of the NFT project DigiDaigaku has exceeded 10 million US dollars, which at the time of writing this article was 10.71 million US dollars, and the market value reached 45.06 million US dollars.

At the same time, the floor price of DigiDaigaku has now risen to the 15 ETH range, hitting a new high of 15.99 ETH in a short time. As of now, it is 14.5 ETH, a 24-hour increase of 116.42%.

In addition, DigiDaigaku#729 was purchased by the giant whale fuckthecops.eth at the price of 29 ETH, setting a record for the highest transaction so far.

Blockchain game PetaRush announced a strategic partnership with NFT music platform Melos Studio.

Melos Studio will use AI generation technology to create a unique background music (BGM) soundtrack for each NFT character in PetaRush.

When a player wins an NFT match, the NFT’s background music will play at its venue, providing players with a musical experience similar to John Cena’s outing music.

The domain name system Rave on Fantom will be governed by RaveV2 related voting, and will soon be migrated. The .ftm domain name will be available for trading in NFT markets such as PaintSwap and NFTKEY.

RaveV2 is an evolved version of the Rave protocol, which fixes most of Rave’s problems. RaveV1 only allows each address to have one domain name. RaveV2 cancels this requirement and will allow users to simultaneously hold in the same wallet. There are multiple names.

According to the latest NFT transaction data, Tiffany’s NFT “NFTiff” has not had any transactions for two consecutive weeks, with the most recent transaction occurring on August 13.

The current floor price of Tiffany’s NFT “NFTiff” is 59ETH, the market value is $22.32 million, and the total transaction volume is $3.56 million.

The Web3 decentralized metaverse project X Protocol announced that its X NFT Market will go live on September 10.

X Protocol is a cross-chain metaverse project based on the RUST language. It has launched the X-Metaverse, a metaverse project based on blockchain technology.

According to official news, the NFT aggregation trading platform Okaleido has launched the ecological token OKA on MEXC Global at 6:00 on August 25 (UTC), with an increase of 4000%.

Okaleido is an NFT transaction aggregator on BNB Chain, with transaction mining function, and will also provide all-round support for NFTFi.

As the functional token of the Okaleido ecology, OKA will have multiple functions such as community governance, ecological construction incentives, ecological settlement, and transaction dividends.

According to NFTGO data, the 24-hour transaction volume of NFT project DigiDaigaku reached $297,059.35, an increase of 426.19%.

The project was released in the form of Free Mint on August 9. The current floor price is temporarily reported at 3.42ETH, with a 24-hour increase of 32.05%.

DigiDaigaku CEO Gabriel Leydon launched a vote on his personal social media platform on August 22 about what DigiDaigaku can do for the community next, and the airdrop won with a 59.1% approval rate.

Because a large number of blue-chip NFTs on the NFT mortgage lending platform BendDAO are facing a liquidation risk crisis.

According to its official website, the ETH lending rate on the platform has risen to 101.69%, and the Ethereum deposit rate has reached 84.96%. At the same time, ETH on the BendDAO platform has recently shown a net outflow.

Spartan Labs, a Web3 venture studio backed by Spartan Group, recently announced the launch of Puddle, a no-code NFT tool based on the Flow blockchain.

Aims to bring the next generation of brands and communities to Web3 by enabling Web2 and Web3 community builders to easily mint, manage, leverage, and gain insights into community members from NFTs.

The first limited-edition NFT for the Australian Football League (AFL) was released and sold out within 12 hours of its launch.

On August 17th, the Australian Rugby League launched “Ripper Skipper 2022” through its AFL Mint program, allowing each person on the “cleared list” to purchase a limit of one, the NFT is limited to 3800 copies, and each price is 34.39USDC.

Fox Corp is preparing to invest up to $100 million in NFT and blockchain initiatives to show its seriousness in the space. (Collier declined to say how much the company has spent so far).

In August 2021, Fox Corp paid an undisclosed amount to acquire a minority stake in Eluvio, a startup whose platform aims to use blockchain to distribute and monetize premium content to verify ownership and Provide access control.

According to data, the total market value of Murakami.Flowers Official series of NFTs reached $47.19 million, ranking 50th in the total market value of all NFT projects.

Its 24-hour trading volume was $26,120.60, down 49.44%. As of press time, the current floor price of this series of NFTs is 1.3ETH, an increase of 31.11%.

MEP Stefan Berge recently launched Bergoletten NFT on OpenSea, and the auction will end on August 15th.

Designed and created by Stefan Berger, the NFT features a pair of slippers with the words #bergo and ropa on the shoes.