According to news on February 1, Jeremy Goldman, a long-term copyright and intellectual property lawyer who has worked closely with multiple NFT projects, issued an article explaining whether Yuga Labs’ grant of IP licenses to holders is valid.

Goldman said that, first of all, Yuga Labs owns the copyright of BAYC, which automatically arises when an original work is fixed in a tangible medium of expression, including digital art stored in computer memory, whether it is administratively registered or not.

Secondly, Yuga Labs owns the copyright of digital artworks related to BAYC NFT, and has the right to grant BAYC NFT holders ownership of digital artworks and licenses to use artworks for commercial and other purposes.

While falling cryptocurrency prices and FUD following the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX put pressure on Silvergate Capital, some financial institutions appear to be bullish on crypto banking.

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission documents disclosed on January 31, global asset management giant BlackRock (BlackRock) has increased its stake in encryption-friendly bank Silvergate Bank, and its current shareholding ratio has reached 7.2%.

According to relevant documents, BlackRock holds 2,285,197 shares of Silvergate Bank, and has been increasing its holdings in the past two years. The volume increased to 1,871,537 shares (accounting for 6.30%).

According to previous news, Silvergate laid off 40% of its employees in early January, and then announced on January 27 that it would suspend dividend payments to shareholders to maintain liquidity.

Vetle Lunde, a senior analyst at Arcane Research, wrote in a report that the cryptocurrency market may be too optimistic about the Fed’s policy shift quickly, and many headwinds, such as slowing upward momentum, strong technical resistance and the Fed’s hawkish attitude, may It will make the market’s performance in February unsatisfactory.

An analysis of recent Bitcoin volatility suggests that the massive Bitcoin rally sparked by the previous Federal Reserve meeting is fading. But the agency also doesn’t deny the relatively optimistic possibility.

In addition, Jean-Marie Mignetti, CEO of Coinshares International, said that the Federal Reserve’s reduction in interest rate hikes in December last year was the macro driver of the surge in cryptocurrency earnings in January, and the market has slowly digested the impact of the collapse of the FTX exchange. Panic.

The Bitcoin HODL Waves metric, created by Unchain Capital and tracked by Glassnode, shows a 17% increase in the percentage of unspent transaction outputs (UTXO) over five years over the past six months. The HODL Waves metric tracks the UTXO age distribution.

As a result, the percentage of UTXOs older than 5 years has risen sharply recently, indicating the aging of unspent outputs, suggesting that some investors are still holding on to their holdings during the market downturn.

Joe Brunett, chief analyst at Blockware Solutions, responded to Capriole CEO Charles Edwards calling the aging of UTXOs a bullish development, calling the UTXO figures evidence that long-term holders are accumulating Bitcoin at the fastest pace in eight years.

According to a report by Kaiko Research, the Sandbox project will release 12% of the token supply to seed and strategic investors, equivalent to approximately $273 million worth of SAND, and half of this 12% will be given to investors.

SAND is the utility token used on the Sandbox ecosystem as the basis for transactions and interactions. Its price has risen 90 percent since the start of the year and is now trading at $0.74, according to Messari data.

But it’s worth noting that the token is still down 90% from its all-time high of $8 reached in November 2021.

Joey Krug, chief investment officer of cryptocurrency investment company Pantera Capital, said that the company switched from altcoins to ETH last year in an attempt to avoid further shrinkage of investment, but has now begun to switch back to some altcoins because they believe that these altcoins will run in the future cycle. Win ETH, which is also the first time the company has switched from Bitcoin and Ethereum to altcoins since the spring.

The cryptocurrency market rebounded modestly in January this year after last year’s slump. Pantera’s Liquid Token Fund fell 80% in 2022. In an investor conference call last week, Pantera Capital said that the Liquid Token Fund rebounded this month and has risen about 47%.

By comparison, the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index fund rose nearly 40% in January.

Encrypted gaming platform Oh Baby Games announced the completion of $6 million in seed financing. The round was co-led by eGirl Capital and Synergis Capital, with participation from crypto game DAO Merit Circle.

Some notable angel investors also participated in the round, including Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, cl207, and inversebrah. The first game released was called What The Kart, a spin-off of traditional racing games.

This release will be followed by Rugpull Guys and a platform fighting game. Oh Baby Games plans to launch cross-game collectibles as part of its launch strategy, with the titles launching in 2023.

Payment giant Mastercard announced a partnership with Unbanked, a Web3 white-label encrypted bank card issuance service provider, to launch an encrypted bank card that supports DeFi.

The two parties have now expanded into the UK and European markets and are committed to promoting the issuance of simple, secure and consumer protection-focused cryptocurrency bank cards.

In addition, since Unbanked has previously reached a cooperation with the Litecoin Foundation, this time it will use the MasterCard network to provide Litecoin Cards to residents in the UK and Europe.

In the first month of 2023, the block rewards and transaction fee income earned by Bitcoin miners has increased by 50%, jumping from about $15.3 million on January 1 to nearly $23 million.

The increase in the income of miners means that more and more miners join the Bitcoin network, and this trend also promotes the continuous increase of the computing power of the entire network.

As previously reported, the computing power of Bitcoin’s entire network reached 327.01 EH/s on January 25, a record high.

The latest on-chain metrics indicate that Ethereum usage and network activity are increasing, positively impacting asset demand and ETH price.

According to Etherscan statistics, the average daily transfer volume of ERC-20 Token exceeded 1 million last week, doubling in the past six months. The number of unique addresses in Ethereum also reached a record high of 221 million, an increase of about 10 in the past six months. %.

In addition, the average daily transaction volume of the Ethereum network has stabilized at around 1 million transactions, indicating that network usage and activity have not declined along with price over the past three months. The average daily number of verified smart contracts on the Ethereum network has increased year-on-year About 140%. According to Etherscan data, about 600 new contracts are verified on Ethereum every day.