NFT News

The NFT project KILLABEARS announced that it will deploy two new contracts to solve the problem of transfer errors between wallets and wallets.

Current Killacub holders will receive a new version of the NFT with a new contract, and no action is required during contract deployment.

However, the metadata of Killacubs and Killacubs Incubatio will change. KILLABEARS will airdrop new Killacub NFT to holders at a ratio of 1:1, and a notice will be issued about 90 minutes before the airdrop occurs.

The Web3 metaverse game platform planned by Krafton, the parent company of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is tentatively named Migaloo and is expected to be launched this year.

According to an announcement this week, Krafton and South Korean augmented reality company Naver Z have created a joint venture in North America and committed $36.8 million to the development of Migaloo.

Under the arrangement, Krafton will own 85% of the joint venture, while Naver Z will hold the remaining 15%.

Animoca Brands’ NFT series Mocaverse announced on social media that it has reached a cooperation with GAMEE, an arcade game subsidiary of Animoca.

Holders of this NFT series and Realm Ticket NFT holders will have access to exclusive tournaments in GAMEE’s Arc8 games.

It is reported that the reward pool will include Arc 8 native NFT G-Bot Starters including 10,000 MATIC, Moca XP and 25 Mocaverse themes.

According to Dune’s data, the number of daily users and the number of sales in the NFT market have both declined in the past week, reaching a new low since July 2021.

According to Dune data compiled by NFT researcher SeaLaunch, the number of unique users of top NFT marketplaces including Blur, OpenSea and LooksRare has continued to decline over the past seven days, falling to 7,805 on April 19.

The lowest level since July 31, 2021, when the number of unique users in OpenSea and other markets was 7,455.

In addition, the number of sales in the NFT market has also declined in the past 7 days, and the number of sales on April 19 was 16,149. The last low was 12,910 on November 9, 2021.

The Starbucks Holiday Cheer Edition 1 Stamp has sold for $1,000 in the Odyssey NFT market. It is reported that only 5,000 pieces of this series have been issued. Data shows that 210 pieces have been sold in the secondary market since its launch four months ago.

To be clear, Starbucks does not sell these NFTs, and owners can trade with each other on the Odyssey NFT market, and the relevant selling price is only the exchange price of these NFTs in the secondary market.

According to previous news, Starbucks will launch the Polygon-based NFT series “First Store Collection” on April 20.

Starbucks announced that it will launch the NFT series “First Store Collection” on the Polygon chain, with a quantity of 5,000 NFTs and a price of $100 each.

Users who already own two Starbucks NFT stamps will get early access on Wednesday. It is reported that this series of NFTs was inspired by Starbucks’ first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

Users can get 1,500 points for purchasing NFT and redeem rewards in their Web3 platform Starbucks Odyssey.

In addition, Starbucks Odyssey will also launch a series of benefits for Beta users on April 24.

According to the metaverse platform The Sandbox announced on social media, it has reached a cooperation with NBA Charlotte Hornets star “Three Ball” LaMelo Ball.

The Sandbox will create a metaverse social center for LaMelo Ball and hold fan events from April 17th to May 1st. The prize pool for this event will reach 100,000 SAND, but The Sandbox users must pass KYC compliance certification.

It is reported that LaMelo Ball has launched his own NFT series through NBA Top Shot.

The “gold-plated” fat penguin Pudgy Penguin #484, which has the unique characteristics of golden skin and golden kimono, was sold on the OpenSea platform at a price of 52.4 ETH (about 110,000 US dollars), which is 14.5 times the current floor price of this NFT series, The seller is pudgypenguinseaass.eth, an NFT giant whale, and the buyer is Bitcoin4freedom.

According to data from, the 24-hour trading volume of BEANZ Official series NFT reached 908.75 ETH, with a trading volume increase of 620.23%. The current floor price of this series of NFT is 1.52 ETH, with a 24-hour increase of 8.99%.

Earlier news, Chiru Labs, the parent company of Azuki, announced a cooperation with trend studio LINE FRIENDS (IPX).

Azuki said its partnership with IPX began with the BEANZ and LINE FRIENDS IPs and has the potential to expand to other IPs in its portfolio.

Indigo Herz, an NFT project owned by Adidas, stated on Twitter that Chapter 1: ALT[er] Ego is officially released, and there are eight different ALT[er] Egos.

Each has different rarities, characteristics and incentives, and will serve as the first chapter of the ALTS by adidas NFT identity journey, after adidas revealed that it has launched the third phase of the Into The Metaverse project, which is related to a project called ” Rift Valley Motel” hotel Metaverse.

To participate in this stage, players need to connect their wallets on the “” official website and destroy the NFT obtained in the second stage, and then mint ALTS by adidas NFT.

There will be three chapters launched in this stage. This time the first chapter will be launched. After the end of the third chapter, players will get a unique PFP, which contains a combination of characteristics with rare levels. ALTS by adidas is a dynamic NFT that will Evolves based on player decisions and participation.

According to a survey conducted by CoinGecko, utility and long-term profit have been listed as the top reasons for buying NFTs.

The report found that most people consider the utility offered by the NFT family and the benefits of holding tokens before purchasing, with more than 77% of respondents saying that of the 11 listed, using NFTs for their “expected “Functionality” has a certain degree of importance in the reasons for buying NFTs.

However, 15.7% answered that they were “neutral” about utility, and 6.7% considered it “not important” in the decision-making process prior to purchasing an NFT.

GameFi&NFT project Wolf Game announced on social media according to the latest governance voting results.

The project will implement a plan to destroy WOOL governance tokens based on in-game operations. The operations involved include four items, namely changing the community (destroying 100 WOOL), using farmers (destroying 200 WOOL), attempting to steal (destroying 200 WOOL), plundering and Destruction (destroying 200 WOOL), token burning will reduce the overall supply of WOOL tokens.

On-chain security analyst ZachXBT stated on social media that the latest transaction on April 4, 2023 shows that the NFT Factory LA fraud group may also be involved in the NFT project, after which 10% of the coinage funds were transferred to the NFT from Squiggles & Vault of Gems rug pulls get 1384 ETH address.

February 2022 Y3K Pirates released a document detailing various NFT pull rugs allegedly created by the NFT Factory LA team (Gavin Mayo, Ali Saghi, and Gabriel Hay).

According to the security company Paidun’s disclosure on social media, if users pledge APE in the NFT pool and sell the NFT, they may lose the pledged APE.

The data disclosed by Paidun shows that the arbitrageur with the address starting with “0x06800a” has just purchased “Boring Ape” BAYC#7810, and obtained 14,300 pledged APE, worth about 60,000 US dollars.

Metropoly, an NFT platform based on real estate assets, announced the completion of a $1.1 million pre-sale round of financing.

The project will tokenize and “NFTize” real estate assets based on the blockchain, and use the liquidity advantages of NFT to achieve easier transaction functions. Transaction data can also be recorded on the chain to facilitate tracking of ownership.

On April 5th, according to Decrypt data, the NFT market trading volume in March was slightly more than 1.95 billion US dollars, a decrease of about 4% from the 2.04 billion US dollars in February.

The vast majority of that volume came from Blur, which traded nearly $1.35 billion in Ethereum NFT volume, up slightly from about $1.32 billion in February.

Blur trading activity spiked in mid-February when the platform launched the Blur Token, incentivizing large-scale trades by whale traders.

The luxury goods giant Gucci announced on social media that it will cooperate with Yuga Labs’ metaverse game Otherside to launch a limited edition KodaPendant NFT and matching physical necklaces, with a total of 3,333 NFTs.

This sale is limited to 24 hours. Qualified participants must hold Koda or Vessel NFT. Each KodaPendant NFT is priced at 450 APE.

It is reported that the physical KodaPendant necklace is made of 925 silver, with antique finishes and Koda-shaped pendants with “GG” LOGO, each pendant has a unique version number on the back.

The Guggenheim Museum, a well-known private modern art museum, officially announced the appointment of Noam Segal, the curator of the project, which aims to explore the possibility of digital art in the art world. In addition, the museum also announced the launch of the “LGE Project (Guggenheim Art and Technology plan)”.

In order to further study the possibility of NFT and blockchain technology application in the field of art, expand the museum’s digital collection, support the production of new works, and create new opportunities for artists using digital media.

NFT Investments Q1 crypto holdings worth £27.8m

Investment agency NFT Investments PLC released its classification of encrypted asset holdings for the first quarter of 2023, disclosing that as of April 2, the unaudited asset value was 27.8 million pounds, or 2.77 pence per share.

NFT Investments plans to disclose its holdings prior to liquidating its crypto holdings on a quarterly basis and expects to return value to shareholders through a takeover offer after the next Bitcoin halving in April 2024.

The full breakdown of assets held by NFT Investments is as follows (volume, value): – BTC: 626; £14.3m – ETH: 6794; £1m – OP: 732899; £500,000 – NEAR: 225362; £400,000 – FLOW: 478554; £300,000 – DOT: 23133; £100,000.

According to the latest data from Cryptoslam, NFT sales on the Polygon chain reached approximately $36,180,316.42 in March, setting the highest transaction record since May 2022.

In addition, the number of NFT transactions on the Polygon chain reached 1,125,049 in March, setting a record for the highest monthly transaction volume so far, including 157,855 independent buyers and 124,293 independent sellers on the chain.