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According to data, the total market value of Murakami.Flowers Official series of NFTs reached $47.19 million, ranking 50th in the total market value of all NFT projects.

Its 24-hour trading volume was $26,120.60, down 49.44%. As of press time, the current floor price of this series of NFTs is 1.3ETH, an increase of 31.11%.

MEP Stefan Berge recently launched Bergoletten NFT on OpenSea, and the auction will end on August 15th.

Designed and created by Stefan Berger, the NFT features a pair of slippers with the words #bergo and ropa on the shoes.

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Flow announced that it has officially partnered with Instagram and launched the NFT showcase feature, through this new partnership, the community can share their favorite NFT collections directly on Instagram.

Previously, Instagram announced plans to launch NFTs of Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Flow, and will first conduct pilot work for some groups of people.

According to the latest data from NFTGo, the transaction volume of Tiffany NFT NFTiff has reached 2 million US dollars and the market value is 10.65 million US dollars, but the floor price has dropped to 24.69 ETH, which is below the initial pricing price of 30 ETH, with a 24-hour decline of 13.97%.

According to previous disclosures, jewelry giant Tiffany’s exclusive NFT series is limited to 250 pieces, each priced at 30 ETH, or about $51,000.

The total Coinbase NFT market transaction volume has exceeded 4,000 ETH, which is 4,002 ETH at the time of writing, and the total US dollar transaction volume is about 6,345,463 US dollars.

In addition, the Coinbase NFT market has sold 33,076 NFTs so far.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is looking for a senior employee to assist with the league’s NFT and blockchain initiatives.

The position will require a combination of project management, partner development, revenue generation and execution skills, the NHL said. Two months ago, the top hockey league signed a deal with digital collectibles marketplace Sweet.

Betting fans use NFTs, according to LinkedIn job postings, and the NHL is trying to enhance the fan experience while generating incremental revenue for the league and its clubs.

The Korea Mint has announced that it is launching a physical-based NFT gold exchange coupon that can split 1 gram of gold into 10 pieces. Gold investors can log in to the Korea Mint shopping mall to buy mini gold (0.1g) gift vouchers and bind them with a PIN code.

If you collect 10 NFT Mini Gold Gift Certificates, you can exchange them for 1 gram of physical product card-type gold bars. “This is expected to have a positive impact on the nation’s gift culture, both by preventing gold speculation and helping to increase transparency of transactions, as well as allowing gold to be used as anniversaries such as graduations and birthdays at favorable prices,” the Korea Mint said.

The NFT series Meebits has announced that it will release an IP deal on August 15th, and Meebits will receive a BAYC-style license that allows owners to produce a range of content to propel their Meebits forward in real life and the metaverse.

However, Meebits may not be used for any illegal purpose or hate speech, and Yuga Labs reserves the right to make changes.

Ticketmaster, the largest ticketing company in the United States, recently released a recruitment announcement for a product manager for NFT ticketing tools. The company intends to launch NFT-based enterprise products across all content categories including sports and music.

The position also calls for developing new products and features to meet the future needs of its NFT business. The new position is based in New York, and Ticketmaster’s goal is to support the productization of NFTs.

According to CryptoSlam data, the total sales of blue-chip NFT project Meebits in the past 29 days reached $6,035,899.79, an increase of 46% from $3,207,926.51 in June, and the total transaction volume reached $9.73 billion.

According to NFT Price Floor data, at the time of writing this article, the Meebit floor price reached 5.1ETH, with a 7-day growth rate of 8%. According to NFTGo data, in the past 7 days, the Meebits transaction volume was 367, and the sales were about 1.79 million US dollars. The increase was 40.08%, and the number of unique addresses that purchased NFT at least once during the period increased by 27.03%.

According to official news, MetaThaicoin (TAC), a metaverse insurance platform, announced that it has launched two sets of Noble Genesis NFTs.

The first peaceful elephant series METATHAI ELEPHANT. This series is the first set of all of the company’s highest equity tokens. The second trading ape series TRADING APE.

The series was created to commemorate the company’s self-developed binary options trading game, and also has all the highest rights and interests of the company.

Video game retailer GameStop announced today that GameStop NFTs are live and running on Loopring L2. Relative to L1, the cost of minting and trading is about 100 times lower.

As previously reported, GameStop officially launched the NFT marketplace, a non-custodial, Ethereum Layer 2-based marketplace, on July 11. In addition, the marketplace plans to expand functionality to Web3 games and will support multiple chains.

Rollins Sporting Goods, the official bases, baseballs, helmets, face shields and gloves of Major League Baseball, today announced its first entry into the world of Web3.

Rawlings will produce 461 physical asset NFTs spread across four rarity tiers, each with a physical baseball glove attached to it.

According to official news, recently, Mate City, a metaverse project Avril participated in, has reached a strategic cooperation with Double-A Chain, and will launch iNFTspace, an NFT trading market, in the near future.

It is reported that many international stars, including Avril Lavigne, have settled in MetaCity as co-creators, co-sponsors and co-creation partners.

MetaCity includes metaverse land NFT, prop NFT produced by each island, and NPC NFT that can be invited to play on the island, and will be released online in iNFTspace in the near future. MetaCity will support issuance on Double-A Chain (AAC).

U.S. trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis tweeted that the Professional Golf Association of America (PGA) filed an NFT-related trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), covering NFT-supported virtual goods (digital collectibles), digital collectibles markets and registered software.

According to the official social media account of Dubai Police, the agency will release a second series of NFTs.

Dubai Police, which first released NFTs in April this year, was the first police department in the world to create its own digital asset.

Bibyt recently released a research report on the Game Guild. As mentioned in the report, ERC-4907 is about to become the latest standard for Ethereum. Game NFT rental agreement Double Protocol submitted the standard to Etherpad for approval on June 28, and it was approved.

ERC-4907 creates a unified standard for developing in-game rental functionality for games and the metaverse by separating the ownership and utility of NFTs. Simply put, users can lease NFTs in Web3 games and return the NFTs to the owners with just one on-chain transaction.

In the future, Web3 games may natively support rental functions, and rental agreements like Double Protocol may become platforms for users to launch games without initial cost, competing with scholarships provided by game guilds.