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Former SEC Internet Enforcement Office Director John Reed Stark said in his tweet that the NFT market is completely manipulated.

Stark criticizes venture capitalists and Wall Street players, claiming they are getting rich by promoting NFTs that promise decentralization, financial inclusion and instant wealth.

However, he asserted that many retail buyers ended up suffering financial losses while these financiers profited.

Stark’s criticism also spanned the entire crypto industry. He believes that cryptocurrencies fail as an investment due to a lack of regulation, transparency, consumer protection, insurance, licensing and net capital requirements.

Data from DappRadar shows that between January 2022 and July 2023, NFT monthly transaction volume plummeted by 81%, and NFT monthly sales dropped by 61% during the same period.

In addition, the floor prices of blue-chip NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks are at more than two-year lows, according to industry data tracking agency NFT Price Floor.

As of now, at least 3 NFT markets have restricted the trading of the NFT series Stoner Cats. Each market has taken a different approach to limiting Stoner Cats.

OpenSea and Blur continue to showcase items from the collection, but both block transactions by hiding listings and offers under a single NFT page.

An OpenSea spokesperson confirmed that Stoner Cats cannot be bought, sold or transferred on the platform, but said the series has not been delisted or removed.

In addition, Rarible has hidden the entire collection of Stoner Cats, and Rarible’s official website assures users that they still own the relevant NFTs.

Like most NFTs, these items can circulate freely on the blockchain or be traded on other compatible marketplaces. Rarible responded by saying that based on its market monitoring of recent events, it has blocked access to Stoner Cats.

According to previous news, the US SEC accused Stoner Cats 2 LLC (SC2) of conducting an unregistered crypto asset securities issuance in the form of NFT, raising approximately US$8 million to fund an animated web series called Stoner.

According to community governance platform Snapshot information, Animoca Brands founder and chairman Yat Siu has launched a new ApeCoin proposal AIP-297.

Aiming to create a sister DAO and be responsible for managing a community-controlled NFT vault within the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem, which will promote cross-community collaboration and demonstrate support for different NFT communities.

Yat Siu also requested ApeCoin DAO to allocate 750,000 APE (approximately $825,000) to the vault for the purchase of 8 boring apes BAYC, 12 mutant apes MAYC, 15 BAKC Dog, 15 Mocaverse Mocas, and 15 Cool Cats, 15 World of Women NFTs, 12 Pudgy Penguins, 12 Kodas, 15 Otherdeeds and 20 The Sandbox virtual plots.

The proposal will end voting on September 21 and has received 73.87% support so far.

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement cooperation agency, recently published a European financial and economic crime threat assessment.

The report highlights the complexity of financial and economic crime affecting the EU, such as money laundering, corruption, fraud, intellectual property crime and counterfeiting.

The report states that decentralized finance (DeFi) based on blockchain technology is expected to bring greater independence and security.

However, the lack of regulation in this area leaves room for economic crime as criminals store illegal assets on DeFi platforms. Highly volatile cryptocurrencies are also targets of fraud schemes and money laundering activities.

NFTs are growing in popularity, but also attract fraudsters due to their instant transaction capabilities. Given the cross-border transaction characteristics of NFT, there is a huge risk of money laundering.

Furthermore, the emergence of the Metaverse (a digital space for various activities) has been adopted by the financial sector and provides new opportunities for criminals. Cases of fraud and theft have been reported in the virtual universe, indicating an underlying trend of organized crime in this virtual environment.

In the face of these evolving financial and economic crimes, Europol emphasizes the need for proactive measures, international cooperation and leading criminal innovation to ensure the security and stability of the EU.

A research report by web3 security experts Forta Network and Blockfence shows that since December 2022, an NFT scam called sleepdropping targeting Ethereum users has affected thousands of people and caused more than $11.5 million in losses.

The scam works by sending unsuspecting users what appear to be real ERC-1155 tokens (usually NFTs).

This tactic lures users to deceptive websites, tricking them into authorizing transactions and inadvertently transferring their assets into the hands of scammers. The organization behind the operation remains unknown.

The report states that more than 500,000 addresses have become recipients of these misleading token airdrops, and currently, more than 20,000 users have been confirmed to be victims.

According to the August market analysis report released by Dapprader, the total DeFi lock-up volume (TVL) fell by 5% in August and stabilized at a range of US$72 billion. Ethereum is still the leading blockchain in DeFi, occupying 71% in this field. %leading position.

Followed by popular Layer-2 solutions such as Arbitrum and Optimism, the second-layer blockchain Base launched by Coinbase has received great attention from DeFi enthusiasts. Within a few weeks of going online, its TVL soared 946% to $431 million.

NFT transaction volume and sales volume generally fell, with transaction volume falling by 16% to $559 million, and sales volume falling by 13%, with a total sales volume of 3.2 million.

Justin Bieber producer Andreas “Axident” Schuller will sell NFTs that will grant owners a percentage of future streaming royalties from Justin Bieber’s hit song Company.

Schuller partnered with AnotherBlock, a blockchain-based music rights platform, to sell 1% of the streaming rights to Bieber’s Company via 2,000 Ethereum NFTs.

Each ERC-721 token is priced at 0.017ETH (about $28), and each holder will receive 0.0005% of future streaming revenue from digital service providers such as Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. Starting September 7th, AnotherBlock accepts credit card and cryptocurrency payments.

According to NFTGo data, the number of buyer addresses in the Ethereum NFT market in the past 24 hours is 4,119, and the number of seller addresses is 4,201.

The number of profitable addresses in the past 30 days is 41,442, and the number of loss-making addresses is 455,154.

In addition, the current Ethereum NFT market sentiment index is 20, and the grade is Cold. Note: The NFT market sentiment index is calculated based on volatility, trading volume, social media and Google trends.

Analysts Olga Kharif and James Tarmy released an NFT market report, citing DappRadar data showing that between January 2022 and July 2023, the monthly trading volume of NFT dropped by 81%, and the floor prices of well-known NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks dropped even more. It is the lowest point in more than two years.

In addition, due to unforeseen challenges, the NFT market Recur is gradually closing down, and another platform, Nifty, has also announced its suspension. Blur’s NFT sales plummeted by 96% from the end of June to the beginning of August.

While the overall sentiment in the NFT market remains grim, certain segments still hold value, with continued demand for high-end NFT artwork from well-known creators and low-value NFTs used in games.

Lorenzo Melendez, president of NFT project Pudgy Penguins, said in an interview that the NFT market trend has been negative for quite a long time, and investors and sellers are struggling to find the long-term value of NFT digital assets.

He pointed out that the NFT market still needs to experience a very difficult bottoming out.

The analysis believes that the decline in the NFT market is due to a variety of factors, including the shift from a collector-driven market to a trader-driven market and the plunge in the price of Blur’s native tokens (down 32% from last year).

In addition, the term NFT has fallen out of favor, with auction houses and projects now referring to it as digital art or digital collections.

According to the latest data from CryptoSlam, NFT sales on the Bitcoin chain experienced a sharp decline in August, about $11.85 million, down 81.7% from $64.9 million in July, the lowest since March 2023.

In addition, in August, the number of NFT sales transactions on the Bitcoin chain was about 53,000, including 14,888 independent buyers and 11,614 independent sellers.

Data from the Dune dashboard shows that trading volumes for all NFTs have dropped significantly, from $1.8 billion in weekly trading volume in August 2021 to about $73 million currently.

Reserve prices have dropped significantly for many items, such as The Merge, which attracted more than 30,000 collectors who paid a total of $91.8 million to mint the collection.

But the base price of the series has dropped from about 25ETH to 1.1ETH today, the base price of the MPL NFT is currently 0.011ETH (about $19), and the Maya Spirits NFT is currently trading at a base price of 0.015ETH (about $26).

Recently, OpenSea announced that it will release two Ethereum comment requests (ERC-7496 and ERC-7498) and two Seaport improvement proposals (SIP-14 and SIP-15) to drive the development of the redeemable ecosystem. Redeemable NFTs allow redemption to receive another on-chain or off-chain item.

OpenSea has released a public proof-of-concept to illustrate the experience, allowing to mint a Baby Burn egg on the OpenSea Drop page, then go to the redemption page to destroy the egg and exchange the egg for a Burnie.

After that, OpenSea will roll out on-chain redeemable support to all creators directly on OpenSea, and will also expand the on-chain redeemable standard to make it easier for creators to redeem items in their collections off-chain outside of OpenSea Experience chaining while still tracking the state of redemptions on-chain through traits or burns.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioners Hester Peirce, Mark Uyeda disputed the agency’s enforcement action against NFT sales deemed securities.

Earlier, the SEC accused Impact Theory of conducting an unregistered security token sale via NFT, and the project was ordered to pay a $6.1 million fine and agree to cease its existing business practices.

The two commissioners wrote that the NFT sales in question did not meet the Howey test, adding that the enforcement action pushes the SEC into unfamiliar territory because it marks the first such enforcement against an NFT issuer.

Hester Peirce said that NFT is not an asset class with a single use case, and that different NFTs have multiple use cases. Therefore, the SEC may need new categories to determine how securities laws apply to offers and sales.

Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre and Farokh talked about the NFT project Meebits in an interview with Web3 media Rug Radio.

Yuga Labs acquired the Meebits series from Larva Labs on March 11, 2022, and launched the Meebits “MB1” roadmap in November 2022, providing all holders with free physical poster claiming rights.

Daniel Alegre said he likes Meebits because of the project’s broad appeal, adding: “There’s a lot we can do, and we’ve got a lot of new things planned for Meebits, and I think the Meebtis community will have a lot to offer in the coming months.” Li will definitely not be disappointed, Yuga Labs will not give up on Meebits, but will redouble their efforts.

According to NFTGo data, the number of buyer addresses in the Ethereum NFT market in the past 24 hours was 3,592, and the number of seller addresses was 3,753.

The number of profitable addresses in the past 30 days is 40,014, and the number of loss-making addresses is 456,074.

In addition, the current Ethereum NFT market sentiment index is 15, and the grade is Cool.

Doodles announced on official social media that its limited edition hole shoes jointly launched with Crocs will be released on August 29, priced at $120.

The shoe will be open to OG holders for a 24-hour pre-sale for $99; a 48-hour public sale will begin on August 29.

The shoe was conceived and designed by Doodles artist Burnt Toast and the Doodles team, and the owner is entitled to a unique Crocs Box digital collectible.

Destroy this digital asset to unlock two Crocs wearables and a Stoodio Beta Pass for use in Doodles 2.

Mercedes-Benz NFT project Mercedes-Benz NXT stated on social media X (formerly Twitter) that the first NFT series Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons The Era of Luxury will be auctioned in the Dutch style release.

A total of 2,694 pieces of this NFT series have been issued, the starting price is 1 ETH, the auction reserve price is 0.1 ETH, and the auction duration is set at 90 minutes.

If there is any remaining after the Dutch auction, it will be sold at a fixed price of 0.1 ETH. The NFT will be opened 24 hours after the end of the Dutch auction.

The Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons minting is open to all, and minting pass holders can mint a digital collectible of the minting pass for free at any Dutch auction.

Eligible Maschine and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities token holders can receive a mint pass that can be used in any of the seven eras.

In addition, due to regulatory and tax policies, this event is currently only available to EU countries, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Taiwan.

Total NFT transaction volume fell 49% this month to 223,000 ETH, or about $367 million, according to analytics platform Nansen.

Total daily sales and daily active wallets have both trended down over the past 90 days. Azuki base price has dropped from 33 ETH to 3.9.

The Kevin Rose-backed Moonbirds series has fallen steadily from a high of 36ETH in April 2022 to 1.29ETH today.

According to Nansen’s NFT index, the best-performing sector this year is art, of which the Nansen Art-20 index fell by only 40%, while other sectors fell by 50% or more.

Former US President Donald Trump’s interview with media personality Tucker Carlson on Platform X (formerly Twitter) went viral after it went viral.

The price of Donald Trump’s NFT collection has skyrocketed, with the video racking up 110 million views within hours of it airing.

The Polygon-based Trump digital trading card sold for just over 0.13 ether (ETH), or just over $215, up from 0.1 ether (ETH), or $150, last week.

According to data from NFT marketplace OpenSea, the collection has seen more than 17 Ether traded.

Automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will launch a new generative art NFT series, Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons.

According to the announcement, the stories behind the collection will span seven eras, starting with the present day and going all the way back to the beginnings of automotive history. Each era will contain approximately 2,700 collection items, for a total of 18,860 items across all seven eras.

Due to regulatory requirements, Mint Passes are only available to collectors from all EU countries, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Taiwan.

During this collection, the option to claim a Mint Pass will remain open until the end of the Dutch auction for the last of the seven eras.

NFT sales fell slightly, down 1.18% from the previous week.

Of the $107.05 million in NFT transactions, 61%, or $65.86 million, came from the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, ETH-based NFT sales increased by 7.41% from the previous week.

Solana ranks second in terms of sales, with approximately $9.64 million, an increase of 4.8%. Polygon came in third with sales of $8.41 million.

The best performing NFT series of the past week was Degods, which raised $6.59 million.

Dmarket came in second with sales of approximately US$6.25 million, while Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was third with sales of US$5.43 million.

Apparel brand Adidas Originals and BAPE have launched the Triple-WhiteForum 84 BAPE Low limited-edition collaborative sneaker.

The shoe will be auctioned off and paired with a digital twin NFT version of the shoe that can be worn in the virtual universe.

With the support of Adidas///Studio (Three Stripes Studio), the auction will be conducted around redeemable NFTs through the Adidas Collect platform.

The sneaker embodies the BAPE logo through a shooting star graphic on the outside of the upper and the ABathing Ape logo embossed in metallic silver foil.

Each pair of shoes is equipped with an NFC chip, placed in the left tongue, and the owner can obtain an NFT-based certificate of authenticity when scanned with a smartphone.

McDonald’s Singapore announced the partnership with Bandwagon Labs on its official Instagram account.

2,000 copies of Grimace Digital Collectible, an exclusive digital collection NFT series based on the classic McDonald’s milkshake Grimace, will be launched.

It is reported that the series was designed by the artist Hidden Walls and will be provided through the McDonald’s Singapore application. Each account is limited to one free exchange and the NFT cannot be transferred or traded.

According to data provided by, NFT sales rose slightly in the past week, up 6.59% from the previous week, with total sales reaching $106.87 million.

Ethereum-based NFTs dominated the market with sales of $60.23 million, while Polygon-based NFTs ranked second with sales of $13 million, an increase of 92.07% from the previous week.

Solana’s NFT sales were just over $9 million, up 30.54% from the previous week.

The best-selling NFT series of the week was Draftkings from Polygon, with a staggering $7,891,650 in sales.

It was followed by Dmarket ($6.17 million), Degods ($5.03 million), Gods Unchained ($4.85 million) and Bored Ape Yacht Club ($4.46 million).

New reports released this week indicate a sharp slowdown in NFT transactions. A new report was published indicating a significant slowdown in NFT transactions.

Despite this, developers continue to deploy millions of smart contracts on EVM-compatible chains, indicating their interest in finding broader use cases for blockchain tokens.

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways announced plans to launch a Web3 loyalty program that would allow its community of frequent flyers to exchange NFTs for miles.

Additionally, the team behind the Ordinals protocol is launching a non-profit organization to keep its development clean from corporate influence.

Web3 wallet Suku partnered with sidechain Polygon to host an open NFT minting event to celebrate the launch of Polygon 2.0, and within a 48-hour minting period, users minted over 50,000 NFTs just by tweeting about Suku and Polygon.

During the minting period, more than 48,000 users opened Suku accounts. Once published, users will be prompted to download the Suku Wallet chrome extension or visit the wallet website by logging in with their Twitter account to access the NFT.

Suku CEO Yonathan Lapchik said that the team’s goal is to make the encryption adoption process as easy as possible. Suku started experimenting with encrypted payment functions from Twitter and plans to add other social media platforms in the future.

A collection of computer-generated NFTs created by Hungarian artist Vera Molnár in collaboration with Martin Grasser sold out in less than an hour at a Sotheby’s Dutch auction for a total of 631 Ethereum (approximately $1.2 million).

According to the announcement, the Themes and Variations collection consists of 500 collectibles generated through an algorithmic combination of 170 color palettes and recursive grids.

The transaction volume of this collection on secondary markets such as OpenSea has exceeded 589 ETH.

At press time, the Themes and Variations floor price jumped more than 100% from an average of 1.52 ETH shortly after the sale ended.

According to the terms of service document officially released by NFT trading market ZORA, Article 5.6. The reward plan is: Zora has the right to decide at its own discretion whether to provide certain incentives and rewards for users to use its services, which may include but not limited to airdrops of encrypted assets to the wallets used by users in the service.

Furthermore, the conditions for obtaining such rewards will be at the sole discretion of Zora. When participating in any reward program, the user may be required to use an eligible wallet to claim the reward during the relevant reward distribution period.

Zora reserves the right to change, modify, terminate or cancel any reward program at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice to the user and without liability.

As previously reported, Zora announced in May 2022 that it had completed a financing of US$50 million at a valuation of US$600 million, led by Haun Ventures and participated by Coinbase Ventures and others.

CryptoSlam data shows that in the past week, approximately 464,900 buyers spent more than $113.5 million on NFT, and the transaction volume of NFT dropped 23% from last week.

The transaction volume of NFT on the entire network was about 2.2 million, a decrease of 1% month-on-month; among them, the transaction volume of the Ethereum chain reached 72.7 million U.S. dollars, ranking first, and the Bitcoin chain ranked second with a transaction volume of 9 million U.S. dollars.

The top five trading volumes are Gods Unchained Cards ($4.7 million), DMarket ($4.5 million), BAYC ($4.2 million), CryptoPunks ($4.1 million) and Uncategorized Ordinals ($3.2 million).

Messari released the Avalanche 2023 second quarter report. The report shows that the average daily active addresses and transaction volume of the Avalanche C chain increased by 132.1% and 162.2% respectively.

AVAX revenue grew 173.1% sequentially (150.3% in USD). The revenue increase was partly due to a 5.9% increase in transaction fees, but was largely due to LayerZero activity. TVL denominated in US dollars fell quarter-on-quarter, down 19.4%.

TVL denominated in AVAX, however, increased by 9.7%, suggesting that new capital inflows are pushing TVL higher relative to asset prices denominated in US dollars.

Secondary sales in the Avalanche NFT field fell by 38.3% month-on-month in the second quarter, and the number of independent NFT buyers fell by 49.8% month-on-month, the second consecutive quarter of decline.

zkSync, the Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution, announced the launch of the experimental NFT project “LIBERTAS OMNIBUS” on its official push, aiming to explore new NFT standards, network capabilities, new protocol functions, prototype collections with surprise creators, and market environments.

zkSync said that the launch of “LIBERTAS OMNIBUS” is also to thank the 79,365 active community members in the 113 days since the mainnet was launched. LIBERTAS OMNIBUS will become a way for the wider NFT community to join the zkSync ecosystem.

In addition, zkSync also announced the address of the NFT smart contract: 0xD07180c423F9B8CF84012aA28cC174F3c433EE29.

NFT company Legitimate has partnered with PUMA and entertainment agency Roc Nation to release the Evolution of the Mixtape sneaker series, which aims to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and allow buyers to obtain exclusive music content curated by Roc Nation.

The three sneaker models, called Cassette Tape, Playlist and Disc, are embedded with the LGT Tag, which is the Legitimate’s NFC chip located in the tongue.

Owners can scan an NFC chip with their phone to obtain an NFT that unlocks access to a digital portal that will offer weekly mixtapes, behind-the-scenes artist content and unreleased tracks by Roc Nation artists.

NFT sci-fi card game manufacturer Parallel announced the launch of the ERC-6551-based PFP Avatar project on its official website.

It is reported that Avatar will be launched on OpenSea, and PFP Avatar will be used to build a community and expand on this basis.

It is reported that Parallel is currently testing its PFP Avatar project. With the help of ERC-6551 technology, each Avatar NFT can own digital assets (ERC-1155 and PRIME).

And it can also act as its own NFT wallet, including buying, selling and trading other Avatar NFTs.

Binance announced that the Binance NFT market launched the Playbux Ultra NFT series through the Subscription Mechanism.

There are a total of 3,000 Playbux Ultra NFTs in the series, and the launch of the series will follow the BNB prerequisites. Users with a minimum daily BNB holding of 0.1 BNB can participate in the initial sale of the Playbux Ultra NFT series.

SolSea, a Solana-based NFT platform, said it has reached a partnership with Coca-Cola Srbija, the Serbian subsidiary of Coca-Cola.

SolSea said the collaboration will involve offering merchandise as well as NFTs of Coca-Cola’s Serbian brand. The two companies are offering NFTs and merchandise in partnership with EXIT Festival, a summer music festival held annually in Novi Sad, Serbia, during the first week of July.

The 2023 festival will take place from July 6-9. Participants can get an exclusive hoodie to match the NFT during the EXIT Music Festival in Serbia.

Justin Bieber paid $1.3 million for the Bored Ape NFT last year, which is currently worth only about $59,000.

The industry was experiencing a celebrity endorsement boom at the time. The global pop star invested 500ETH in BAYC, equivalent to $1.3 million.

Eighteen months later, he had a net loss on the books of $1.24 million.

According to data compiled by The Block Research, in June, the crypto infrastructure track has replaced NFT and games as the most popular investment category for crypto VCs.

According to the report, since June 2021, the NFT/gaming space has been the most popular venture capital target in web3, but this 23-month winning streak ended in June, and the continued bear market conditions are driving investors Focus on underlying companies and projects.

Notable deals in June included Mythical Game’s $37 million Series C1 round, and Cosmos blockchain Neutron’s $10 million seed round led by Binance Labs and Coin Fund.

According to DeFiLlama data, affected by the decline in the prices of blue-chip NFTs such as Azuki and BAYC, the TVL of multiple NFT lending agreements experienced a large decline within a day, of which: BendDAOLendingTVL fell by 43.02% in a single day; ParaSpaceLendingTVL fell by 13.07% in a single day; BlurLendingTVL The single-day drop reached 29.51%.

According to data, the price of Azuki series NFT floors is now reported at 6.46ETH, a 24-hour drop of 17.04%; the price of BAYC series NFT floors is now reported at 31.07ETH, a 24-hour drop of 12.07%; the price of MAYC series NFT floors is now reported at 5.47ETH, The 24-hour drop was 15.45%.

Cardinal, an NFT infrastructure protocol, tweeted that we have decided to begin winding down our protocol.

This was a deliberate decision and we have done our best to navigate this extremely difficult macroeconomic environment since we started construction 18 months ago, product-to-market is still difficult to find and the reality is that members of our team are eager to explore other pursuits.

While we’ve seen some real-world uses for our staking, leasing, and identity products, we still feel like they’re stuck in the context of the cryptocurrency maximization community. We had hoped that other industries around the world would begin to adopt blockchain technology on a larger scale, but so far that still feels remote.

According to official news, AMC announced the launch of Entry Pass NFT (EP NFT), EP NFT is the only pass for AMC ecology.

Each NFT is a digital asset with a unique number, and can enjoy privileges such as metaverse economy, game entertainment, participation in activities, and use of AI software.

In addition, EP NFT brings more opportunities and benefits to members. At the same time, a real digital economic system has been created. And a new EP NFT can be minted through two EP NFTs, which will bring more builders for ecological expansion.

USPTO trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis tweeted that HSBC recently applied for a new trademark covering metaverse banking/consulting/financial services, virtual credit cards, NFT and NFT-backed media, and more.

Previously, it was reported in December last year that HSBC had submitted NFT, metaverse and encryption-related trademark applications for its name and logo, covering digital media supported by NFT, virtual currency exchange and transfer, and virtual credit card processing.

According to data from, sales in the NFT market showed an upward trend in June. This week’s sales increased by 11.60% compared with the previous week, and the total amount reached 146 million US dollars.

There has been a surge in the number of individual NFT buyers. In the past 7 days, the increase was as high as 95.20%, and the number of buyers reached 664,096.

In June, NFT sales were dominated by Ethereum, with sales of $85.43 million.

The luxury goods giant Gucci announced that it will take a snapshot of KodaPendant NFT holders, and holders will be able to receive physical necklaces soon.

In April of this year, Gucci announced the launch of a limited edition Otherside Relics by Gucci series in cooperation with Yuga Labs’ metaverse game Otherside.

According to Magic Eden Bitcoin NFT market official push Magic Eden on Bitcoin announced that the domain name service with search and self-note functions has been launched.

Users can now write domain notes for available domain names on the Magic Eden platform. In addition, Magic Eden said that the domain names supported by the current search function include “.sats”, “.magic”, “.btc”, “.xbt”, and “.gm”, etc., and more searchable domain names will be supported in the future.

Magic Eden reminds that the Naming Services feature is still in beta, so users are advised to do their own research (DYOR) and cross-validate the data.

Matthew Long, head of payments and digital assets at the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), said that after the UK’s cryptocurrency financial promotion rules come into effect on October 8, it will be prohibited to promote investment in digital assets through airdrops of free NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Matthew Long said that these free NFTs and airdrops, when used to invest in crypto products, may lead consumers to buy cryptocurrencies that they realize may have problems later. But cryptocurrency airdrops and NFTs themselves will not be banned, just promotional activities involving airdrops.

In addition, Matthew Long also said that the FCA’s focus is on six key areas, including dealing with fraud and cross-border risks mentioned in the recent report issued by the international securities regulator IOSCO to address investor protection and market integrity issues.

According to PUMA’s official push, PUMA has released the GutterMelo MB.03 NFT digital sneakers with Gutter Cat Gang and NBA star three-ball Ramello Ball.

The NFT will go on sale on June 29, and holders will be able to redeem a pair of limited-edition MB.03 physical sneakers.

The GutterMelo MB.03 NFT will be available on OpenSea, and Gutter Cat Gang and PUMA NFT holders will be able to experience it early.

Users who purchased the GutterMelo MB.03 NFT will need to redeem the physical sneakers within a one-month window beginning July 18.

According to the information disclosed by the NFT aggregation market Blur, the locked position on its platform has reached 160.82 million US dollars, a record high.

In addition, Blur also said that an important announcement will be made soon, but the relevant information has not been disclosed yet. Today Blur founder Pacman announced that he plans to adjust the point system next week, but according to community rumors, the important announcement may be related to the new season of token airdrops.

In addition, Domus co-founder Jacky Gekko said that the increase in Blur’s lock-up volume is related to its launch of the lending agreement Blend, which is becoming a “game changer” in the NFT lending market.