Ten business models behind the Metaverse boom

  • Blockchain technology has realized the ownership of digital assets.
  • 3D and multidimensionalization are the general trend.

From the initial text messages and pictures, to the current short videos and live broadcasts, the Internet is developing in a more and more vibrant direction. Metaverse combines the above two characteristics, not only has the technical support of the blockchain, but also keeps the trend in line with the development of the Internet. NFTs are like large containers, which can hold more small NFTs in them, which is unmatched by other NFTs.

So what business models will Metaverse have?

Sell artwork NFT

Gallery is currently the largest number of business models in the meta universe. A considerable part of the early entry into the meta-universe are artists and related groups of artists. Such as the Chijin Pavilion and BCA gallery of Chinese community artist Liu Jiaying, and the dogsoundclub of Korean community. These groups also gave birth to the earliest and most popular gallery business model in the meta universe.

Sell artwork NFT

Vox shop

The materials used in the meta-universe and real life are different. For example, crptocvoxels are mainly composed of voxels, while buildings and wearable are mainly composed of voxels. Players in the meta-universe need vox in order to dress up venues or show their avatars. This also gave birth to a group of vox merchants headed by Vox Walk. Of course, this is also a type of business model with meta-universe characteristics.

Vox shop

Meta universe construction service

Some landlords have multiple plots, but have limited time for construction. Some landlords are organizations and are willing to hire a more professional team to build brand HQ, etc. The above-mentioned demand has also spawned a third-party meta-universe construction service company. Such as MetaEstate, Voxel Architects. The most visited spaceage, stoneage and glassage in the heart of Origin City on the Cryptovoxels platform. The four major buildings of Welcome are all from Voxel Architects. MetaEstate has also built a number of exquisite venues such as MetaChi HQ, Creation Fashion Hall, and Hao Lin Ju Hotel.


Where there is traffic, there can be ads. MVB (metaverse-billboards) is a service provider dedicated to advertising in the metaverse. The company has deployed more than 140 plots and more than 250 billboards in Metaverse Cryptovoxels early on. The service price is 1 ETH per week. Of course, individuals can also earn promotional fees. For example, AILY gallery, is a one-time exhibition arranged by artists in the venue for several days. In addition, the content navigation of the meta universe teleport.land, the landlord can cooperate with it to increase exposure.

Metaverse Advertising

Real estate leasing

There are buying and selling of digital real estate, as well as leasing. Statistics from CV Analytics show that there are many sites with multiple plots. Some landlords buy land not for construction but for long-term investment. Then if these landlords are willing to lease the land to players with creative construction and business ideas. Isn’t it a valuable resource exchange?

Immersive experience project

Immersion is the experience of letting people concentrate on the current atmosphere and forget the real world. For a trip to Universal Studios, there is an immersive experience project in almost every theme. You can follow Harry Potter in the sky. Follow Transformers through high-rise buildings. Follow the little yellow man to jump up and down. But in fact, it may just be that the seat has more functions such as side-to-side swing and weightlessness. The result is that the comprehensive evaluation of this immersive project is much higher than that of a simple roller coaster. Yuan Universe is naturally suitable for immersive amusement projects. The designers of the meta universe venue can also create similar projects. Tourists enter with tickets and get an immersive experience with the help of 3D equipment.

Game item

Due to the virtual nature of the game project, it is easier to implant in the meta-universe space. For example, The Sanbox is a community-driven blockchain gaming platform. Creators can NFTize voxel assets and game equipment on the blockchain. Of course, the game can also be part of the creation on some other meta-universe platform. For this kind of on-chain game, due to the NFTization of voxel assets such as venues and game equipment, players have a dual experience of investing in NFT and playing games.

Interpretation of the blockchain sandbox game The Sandbox

Online KTV

KTV is originally a way of socializing. Consumers are willing to pay money to experience K song-style social interaction. However, offline KTV is more limited to locations, and it is impossible for people thousands of miles away to go to an appointment to participate in a K song. The residents of the meta universe are all over the world, and the K song project is suitable for implanting online. Soon, I wonder if you are willing to pay to participate in a K song on Metaverse Online?

Data service provider

Everything is inseparable from data, and so is the meta universe. The project party wants to know the landlord flow and other data of the land, and the buyer wants to know the information of the land on sale in time and so on. All this is inseparable from the support of data. Professional data service providers are bound to play a very important role in the future.

In the near future, a number of new professions or products may emerge. Such as the meta-universe architect, venue designer, meta-universe construction training party, meta-universe amusement project planner, meta-universe venue operator, 3D scanner, etc. Presumably, other business models besides the above-listed ones will emerge.

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