NFT project BAYC said on its official Twitter that its Discord server was briefly attacked today, and the team quickly resolved the problem, but NFTs worth about 200 ETH were still affected and are currently under investigation, and affected users are advised to send emails.

The cross-chain bridge Stargate SIP 7 has been voted on by the community. The proposal proposes to build ETH liquidity pools on the Ethereum mainnet, Optimism, and Arbitrum, and set incentives for them.

After the proposal is approved, the project team will spend several weeks on contract deployment and other work. After completion, users can realize cross-chain transfer of ETH through Stargate.

Nansen tweeted that according to statistics on Nansen, the total transaction volume in 2021 will be 4.6 million ETH, while the NFT transaction volume on Ethereum has increased by 42% to 6.55 million ETH since 2022. In addition, the transaction volume in the past 30 days It was 1.47 million ETH, an increase of 20% month-on-month.

In terms of user activity, the number of wallets buying NFTs every week is 267,408, nearly three times the number of NFT wallets sold.

ETHGlobal announced 10 finalists in HackMoney 2022, including Whip, a treasury risk analysis dashboard with DAO strategy backtesting, and Wido Router, a cross-chain and cross-protocol deposit and withdrawal and liquidity migration project.

Glassnode data shows that the number of ETH lost addresses has reached a 2-year high.

The seven-day average was 33,276,583.333.

The RPG NFT game was attacked by a phishing website. Hackers imitated its official website to forge a website. The phishing website would ask players to download the game. search for files matching a specific name, and then upload those files to the attacker. According to data, the current floor price of Pixelmon is 0.298ETH, the market value is about $18.66 million, and the total transaction volume reaches $44.24 million.

According to StarkNet-focused user odin-free.eth, blockchain adoption has grown much faster than the internet.

The internet has an 85% annual growth rate, while the blockchain has an annual growth rate of 165%. This is the highest point of technology adoption in human history. In addition, he also stated that if inflation rises, ETH will rise.

Up to now, the number of pledged ETH 2.0 deposit contract addresses has reached 11,854,738, and the pledge rate of ETH 2.0 has exceeded 10%. That is to say, more than 10% of Ethereum in current circulation has been deposited into ETH2.0, and the number of new pledges per week was 253,280, an increase of 2.1% month-on-month.

The Batman series NFT “BatCowl” launched by the American animation giant DC Comics (Detective Comics) will open for pre-sale, and DC Fan Dome NFT holders can participate.

The Bat Cowl series of NFTs are issued based on the Ethereum side chain Palm Network, with a total of 200,000 pieces, and the price of each NFT is $300.

According to KingData’s data monitoring, the address of KingData’s major account tracker marked as Three Arrows Capital (0x085Af684acDB1220D111FEE971b733c5e5ae6CCd) transferred 5,000 ETH to Binance exchange in the past 3 hours.