Sir Geoff Hurst, one of the last surviving English footballers from the 1966 World Cup winning team, has announced an Everlasting Memory NFT collection in collaboration with British artist Reeps One (Harry Yeff).

The Everlasting Memory NFT project includes 1of1 and the open NFT. These NFTs will be auctioned on Rarible. The multi-version NFT will be released on December 3rd. One-for-one NFTs will go on sale on December 16th.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, said that FTX, an encrypted exchange that has filed for bankruptcy, seems to have misconduct, but the technology behind the cryptocurrency is also closely related to the future development.

He believes that after the collapse of FTX, most crypto companies will follow suit. He acknowledged that BlackRock invested $24 million in FTX through a fund it managed.

However, despite FTX’s many problems, Larry Fink said that he believes that encryption technology will be very important. He said, I believe that the next generation of markets or the next generation of securities will be tokenized.

Terence.eth, an Ethereum developer and Arbitrum R&D team, stated on social media that the release of Devnet 3 of the expansion solution EIP-4844 was postponed to next week, which was originally scheduled for release on November 30.

terence.eth explained that the CL (Consensus Layer) team needs more time to work on specification testing and synchronization protocols.

The EL (Execution Layer) team needed to rebase 4844 changes on top of the fork via a timestamp mechanism. Consensus is being reached on configs and presets to use mainnet values to be compatible with the KZG library’s field element size and per-blob size.

Analyst PlanB responded to the ECB’s comments on Bitcoin on social media, saying that Bitcoin is to (central) banks what email is to the post office, Internet browsers are to newspapers, and mp3/mp4 is to the music and film industries Impact.

New technology will render old technology irrelevant. BTC = No need for a (central) bank for money supply management, account creation, transactions.

The ECB stated that Bitcoin is neither suitable as a payment system nor as a form of investment, so it should be considered unsuitable in terms of regulation and therefore should not be legalized.

According to the latest blockchain report released by CV VC Labs, the United States has 45.3% of the Ethereum nodes, ranking first in the world, an increase of 8.38% compared to 2021. The share of Ethereum nodes in Europe is 22.8%, ranking second .

In addition, the German blockchain industry will raise approximately US$8 billion in 2022, accounting for 2.4% of the total global blockchain VC financing. a unicorn.

According to the Beosin EagleEye security risk monitoring, early warning and blocking platform monitoring of the blockchain security audit company Beosin, on November 29, 2022, the SEAMAN contract was attacked by a vulnerability.

Beosin analysis found that the SEAMAN contract will exchange the SEAMAN token for the voucher token GVC every time the transfer function is performed, and the SEAMAN token and the GVC token are in two trading pairs, so attackers can use this function to affect the The price of one token.

The attacker first converts 500,000 BUSD into GVC tokens. Then the attacker calls the transfer function of the SEAMAN contract and transfers the smallest unit of SEAMAN tokens. At this time, the contract will be triggered to convert the usable SEAMAN tokens into GVC. The process is that the contract converts SEAMAN tokens to BUSD in the BUSD-SEAMAN trading pair, and then converts BUSD to GVC in the BUSD-GVC trading pair. The attacker triggers the _splitlpToken() function by calling the transfer function multiple times, and will Distributing GVC to lpUser will consume the amount of GVC in the BUSD-GVC trading pair, thereby raising the price of GVC in the trading pair.

Finally, the attacker exchanged 507,000 BUSD through the previously exchanged GVC, making a profit of 7781 BUSD. Beosin Trace found that the stolen amount is still in the attacker’s account (0x49fac69c51a303b4597d09c18bc5e7bf38ecf89c), and will continue to pay attention to the direction of the funds.

Candy Digital, an NFT company, has laid off hundreds of employees amid the turbulent environment in the cryptocurrency market and a sharp decline in NFT trading volume this year.

According to the Sportico report, about 100 employees of the company have been laid off, more than one-third of the total number of employees. It’s unclear why the layoffs occurred and whether any specific divisions were affected, as Candy Digital has not publicly disclosed the layoffs.

It is reported that Candy Digital will be launched in June 2021 and has the support of sports e-commerce store Fanatics, cryptocurrency-friendly entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, said that it is very abnormal to use governance rights as an indicator to measure the value of Token. Buy these Tokens from here.

This allows the protocol to be exploited to suit the special interests of these individuals. As an average individual, paying $500 for a 0.0001% chance of influencing the outcome of some votes is not a good deal. Only multi-millionaires and hedge funds (including attackers) think this is a good deal.

Thirteen of the 21,863 crypto assets listed on CoinMarketCup are up more than 10 percent this week. The biggest losers this week include chiliz (CHZ) down 24.16%, chain (XCN) down 16%, and algorand (ALGO) down 12.67%.

At present, the global trading volume of cryptocurrencies is 36.84 billion US dollars, and USDT accounts for 26.78 billion US dollars of it. The global trading volume of BTC is about $19.3 billion, and the trading volume of ETH is about $4.38 billion.

Kanav Kariya, president of Jump Crypto, spoke on Sunday about the need for a better trust layer in cryptocurrencies. The executive believes that with the collapse of centralized exchanges, there is now increasing collective pressure to build a stronger and faster trust layer.

Kanav Kariya added that FTX’s alleged fraud would have been considered fraud 100 years ago. It’s a cruel trick to surface in an industry premised on the abstraction of trust, and in an environment of declining social trust, cryptocurrencies and the abstraction of trust make more sense than ever The breakup has had a serious negative impact on our industry and, in my opinion, greatly outweighs the positive impact. Low trust dramatically slows innovation and progress.

The daily trading volume of Yuga Labs’ NFT series has surged, among which the daily trading volume of BAYC is 1,262ETH, the daily trading volume of MAYC is 1,146ETH, and the daily trading volume of BAKC is 340ETH.

It is reported that Horizen Labs previously released a plan to launch the website on December 5 and start pre-deposits. On December 12, it will start accumulating pledge rewards.

In addition, in the past 24 hours, the total transaction volume of all NFT markets exceeded 15,000 ETH (approximately 18.2 million), and the average transaction price was 0.31 ETH. 44.7% of ETH trading volume comes from OpenSea, 34.9% from Blur, 10.4% from X2Y2, and 8% from Looks Rare.