Roadmap for calldata expansion and shard expansion Rollups

News on November 26. Vshen released a “step-by-step roadmap for expanding Rollups with calldata expansion and sharding”.

In this article, V God said that transaction fees on L1 have always been very high. So take any necessary measures to help promote the entire ecosystem. The transition to Rollups has become more urgent.

Rollup has significantly reduced the fees for many Ethereum users: shows that the fees provided by Optimism and Arbitrum are about 3-8 times lower than the Ethereum base layer itself. However, even these fees are too expensive for many users.

V God proposed 4 steps. The first step: txcalldata expansion. The second step: some fragmentation. The third step: N fragments and protected by the committee. Step 4: Data availability sampling. But this leaves a question: if the Ethereum core protocol does not store these data. Who will store it? V God proposed several possibilities: individuals and institutions; block browsers; RollupDAO, client; portal networks; protocols like TheGraph. Some of these solutions (individual and institutional volunteers, block explorers) are already available.

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