OpenSea’s 8 most competitive potential opponents

OpenSea is the largest NFT market. With its first mover advantage, it now processes billions of dollars in transactions every month. Almost in a monopoly position.

So there are many OpenSea challengers.

The intensity of NFT exchanges is no less than that of traditional digital currency exchanges.

The following eight NFT markets may steal some of the limelight from OpenSea in the next few months. Although many of them have just launched, they are even about to launch.

Coinbase NFT

Coinbase is a traditional exchange giant. Its advantage is compliance and a very large user base. So when Coinbase plans to launch the NFT market, many exchange users are also interested. There are already millions of people on the waiting list.

The total number of active traders in OpenSea has just exceeded 750,000.


The cryptocurrency exchange FTX US launched FTX NFT in October. At the beginning, FTX NFT was deployed in Solana, and it supported Ethereum in December.

In the past few months, the NFT development of Solana ecology is obvious to all.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway was originally a market dedicated to planning the launch of NFT artworks. Due to his focus on collaborating with famous artists, he quickly stood out in the NFT wave.

But now Nifty Gateway has transformed from focusing only on curating artworks to an aggregator of the Ethereum NFT market. Their “wallet-to-wallet” NFT transaction method will reduce Gas fees by 70%.

Nifty Gateway also invested in Merge launched by NFT artist Pak. Soon, more than 20,000 users were gained, and the transaction volume was over 100 million.

The identity of the curator of Nifty Gateway will bring precise users to their NFT market.


Just like SushiSwap as a “vampire” back then, it quickly captured users and funds from Uniswap. Infinity’s goal is to do the same with OpenSea.

Infinity will issue tokens, and then 60% will be distributed to existing OpenSea users. The design of Infinity is the same as that of OpenSea, but the cost is lower than that of OpenSea.

The only thing Infinity can get is to issue coins in time. As for whether it can become SushiSwap, it is quite difficult. Because the market Infinity is now in is far more intense than SushiSwap back then.


More than a year ago, the NFT market had not really exploded. At that time, Rarible’s transaction volume exceeded that of OpenSea. But now the monthly trading volume is only about 20 million U.S. dollars, which is far lower than OpenSea’s daily trading volume.

The advantage of Rarible in the future lies in the issuance of RARI tokens and the use of multiple links-Ethereum, Flow, Tezos, Solana, Polygon, etc.


Zora is first an NFT distribution platform, encouraging creators to launch their own brand market, and it is still in its infancy


In a word, OpenSea on Fantom.

The potential of Artion is entirely based on the potential of Fantom.


As a social media community, Reddit also began to try to establish the NFT market. Now at the stage of hiring engineers.

Reddit mainly has millions of encrypted user groups, and it is still growing, so it has a lot of imagination.


From the change of the traditional centralized exchange track to the change of DEX. The biggest revelation for today’s NFT market is that no one is always the leader.

First mover advantage is important. But over time, the first-mover advantage will also become the first-mover disadvantage, and the late-mover advantage will slowly show its effect.

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