NFTSTAR will develop and sell Sun Xingyun’s collection

On November 17th, the Ninth City (Nasdaq: NCTY, “Nine Cities”) of Singapore’s Internet companies announced today.

Its digital collectibles trading and community platform NFTSTAR ( Has signed an exclusive license agreement with Heung-Min Son, a representative of Korean football and a well-known Premier League star.

NFTSTAR will exclusively develop, sell and trade digital collections authorized by Sun Xingyu. South Korean and Premier League football star Sun Xingmin Sun Xingmin started playing for the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in 2015. This transfer will make him the highest-priced Asian star in history.

According to the agreement. Sun Xingyun will work with NFTSTAR’s creative team and artists to develop digital collections. Including videos, animations and other digital artworks. Record the bright moments of Sun Xingmin’s career and personal growth.

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