Elon Musk’s Meme sold as an NFT for nearly $20,000

Meme is expected to become an important segment of the NFT and provide an opportunity for the redistribution of artistic income.

Elon Musk, CEO of technology companies, is a well-known meme fan. In fact, some people would call him the meme lord, which he admitted in a tweet last summer.

Elon Musk once tweeted on June 26: “Whoever controls meme, controls the world.”

He calls meme “modern art” and keeps reposting these memes to his millions of fans on Twitter.

Although many people like his emoji, some people don’t like it because Elon Musk is not the creator of these memes.

However, in fact, someone has benefited from Musk’s practice. In January of this year, the shares of Japanese video game maker Bandai Namco Holdings rose 4.4% in one day, because Musk tweeted the company’s Idolmaster series as a meme.

Eva Beylin, a self-proclaimed amateur artist, recently took advantage of Musk’s favorite meme.

On October 21st, Tesla CEO Musk released an emoji package showing a couple lying on the sofa and looking at the price of Crypto.

The creator of meme is 28-year-old Eva Beylin. CNBC reported that she was very happy when she found out that Musk had released her emoji.

“The highest achievement of meme is to let the lord of meme use your meme.” Although she was not certified, she later named the meme “Love in the Web3 Era”.

Beylin published meme with text, “Re-marked by @elonmusk and cast in @ourZORA.”

Beylin is a director of The Graph Foundation, which supports the blockchain data protocol The Graph and is passionate about Web3.

Beylin believes that Web3 is a decentralized iteration of the Internet, providing support for blockchain-based applications such as NFT.

After Musk released “Love in the Web3 Era”, it attracted widespread attention. At the time of writing, it had 696,000 likes and 89,900 retweets on Twitter.

That night, Beylin released the meme as an NFT on the NFT market Zora. Two days later, an anonymous buyer bought it for $19,800.

Elon Musk's Meme

Subsequently, the buyer relisted the NFT at a price of $255,000, and if the resale was successful, Beylin would receive a 15% royalty.

Beylin was surprised to point out that “this is surreal”.

Beylin was not the original creator of this painting, although it was her idea to create meme. She got inspiration from another Twitter user who marked the price of Crypto in this meme and posted it on Twitter as a joke.

Beylin provided the user with 20% of NFT sales revenue as compensation. She told CNBC that Shegenerates had no doubts about Beylin’s use of her work.

“Personally, I blocked Musk on Twitter, so I saw it after Eva Beylin posted a post about his sharing. I hope I get all the people I like, because I can only imagine mine How much serotonin the brain produces under these attentions, it’s cool to see what I’m sharing,”

shegenerates said

Beylin said she did not know the creator of the image depicting the cartoon couple. She also told CNBC that she plans to invest in the artist through the purchase of the artist’s NFT.

“As an amateur artist, if there is no NFT, I will never be able to invest in art again, nor can I get paid for my art. Therefore, I have been investing in NFT.”

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