Christmas gift nft sweeps the Christmas season

With the explosive growth of the NFT market, the unexpected gift for this Christmas may be a Christmas gift nft. Goolge Trends shows that in the week ending Christmas, the number of searches for the term “NFT” worldwide has exceeded that of “cryptocurrency.” Some organizations have launched Christmas NFTs.

Binance launches Christmas gift nft

This Christmas, Binance NFT Market cooperated with 8 project parties to jointly launch the Christmas metaverse blind box series. These projects include Chromia, Enjin, GALA, Illuvium, Mines of Dalarnia, My Neighbor Alice, Terra Virtua and The Sandbox. On Christmas Eve, users only need to purchase the Xmas Metaverse Blind Box at a price of 5 BUSD through the Binance NFT Market and participate in a limited time event to have the opportunity to receive Meta Universe token rewards.

In addition, Binance launched the Binance VIP exclusive Christmas and New Year NFT designed by Richard Orlinski at 4 pm on December 23, 2021. There are 4 limited editions of this NFT. Customers who have met the trading volume and BNB holdings in the past 6 months will have the opportunity to receive the exclusive Christmas NFT.

At 4 pm on December 23, the “Warm Winter and Heart-warming Christmas” series of NFT works jointly completed by Art-United, the NFT community artist organization, will be launched on the NFT Magic Box. The total number of blind boxes is 1,000, and the first release The price is 9.9 dollars. The proceeds from this sale will be donated to HEIFER charity after the sale event ends on December 24, to help children in poverty-stricken areas and give them the best Christmas gift.

Coca-Cola launches friendship gift box to enter the NFT field

Today, Coca-Cola is on the “Christmas Season NFT” express.Coca-Cola released the Christmas Snow Globe NFT in the form of a blind box on the VeVe platform at 0:00 on December 21. This series of digital collectible snow globes features falling snow, the iconic Coca-Cola polar bear and more. All snow globes are priced at US$29.00. Among them, there are 13,888 Polar Bear-themed NFTs, 4 Coke Bottles-themed NFTs totaling 10,888, and the rare Neon Coca-Cola Sign NFT has 7,888, and Coke bottles theme NFT 1886.

NFT is sweeping the Christmas season, and the latest to join is Ryuichi Sakamoto. The godfather of Japanese music casts 595 notes of the famous song “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” into NFTs for sale on the “Adam byGMO” platform from December 21 to 23, at a unified price of 10,000 yen . The payment method can be credit card payment or Japanese yen payment by bank transfer, and ETH payment is also supported.

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