LVMH group executives said: LVMH is more advocating Web 2.5

At the Blockchain Week Summit held in Paris, France, Franck Le Moal, Chief Information Officer of the French luxury goods giant LVMH Group, and Nelly Mensah, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Emerging Solutions, said in their speeches that the decentralized “Web 3.0 Ideology” hinders the entry and use of mainstream users.

Nelly Mensah, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Emerging Solutions of LVMH Group, mentioned in his speech that only by protecting the private key can you control your own currency. If the private key is leaked, the assets will no longer be safe.

The above concepts make it more difficult for users to accept Web 3.0, and hinder the acceptance and use of Web 3.0 products by the mainstream public, which is also detrimental to the subsequent development of Web 3.0 technology.

Mensah suggests that more attention to Web 3.0 technologies and less attention to the overall goal of Web 3.0 decentralization will drive mainstream acceptance of Web 3.0 products. A softer “Web 2.5 is a buffer before entering Web 3.0.

According to L2BEAT data, as of now, the total locked position on Ethereum Layer 2 is 8.713 billion US dollars, an increase of 24.32% in the past 7 days.

Among them, Arbitrum One, the expansion solution with the highest locked amount, is about 5.768 billion US dollars, accounting for 66.20%, followed by Optimism, with 1.951 billion US dollars locked, accounting for 22.40%.

According to official data, from March 17 to March 24, Circle issued a total of USD 500 million in USDC and redeemed USD 2.6 billion in USDC, reducing circulation by approximately USD 2.1 billion.

As of March 17, the total circulation of USDC was 34.6 billion US dollars, and the reserve was 34.6 billion US dollars, including 5.6 billion US dollars in cash and 29 billion US dollars in short-term US treasury bonds.

According to news on March 26, cryptocurrency advocates said that many British cryptocurrency companies find it difficult to obtain banking services because many banks completely limit their interaction with the industry. With SVB, Silvergate, and Signature Banks out of business, U.S. crypto customers have had to find new banking partners. However, the United States is not the only country facing this dilemma.

The UK has crypto banking problems as early as 2021. Su Carpenter, director of operations at CryptoUK, wrote in a letter to Andrew Griffith, economics secretary at the Treasury: “Many major banks in the UK have now imposed bans or restrictions and we fear that other banks and payment service providers (PSPs) may soon follow suit. Emulate.”

CryptoUK is a lobby group advocating for digital assets. Investors also complained on Twitter that banks in the UK have been banning transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Lisa Cameron, MP and chair of CryptoUK, said in a statement that crypto businesses have been unable to open bank accounts with Santander and NatWest Group, an issue she recently raised in Parliament.

According to official news, Paris Blockchain Week 2023 has come to a successful conclusion, including the participation of many star projects such as Stellar, Metamusk, Chiliz, Ethbread, and Circle.

It also conducted in-depth discussions on current hot topics such as Web3.0, Metaverse, and Layer 2, and also provided new ideas for Ethereum expansion solutions, and the cooperation reached between them can also promote the diversification of Ethereum expansion solutions. Make it possible to realize the “efficient, fast and cost-effective” Ethereum network.

According to Lookonchain statistics, the top five whale buyers of ARB on the chain purchased a total of more than 13 million ARB at a unit price of 1.28 to 1.38 US dollars. Among them, addresses starting with l0xb154 purchased 4.94 million ARB with 3,700 ETH (6.79 million US dollars) , and the purchase price is $1.38.

The address starting with 0xb0fc7 purchased 2.74 million ARBs with 3.52 million USDC at a unit price of $1.28. This address has earned $1.77 million in transaction fees by providing liquidity for ARB on Uniswap.

In addition, addresses beginning with 0x139e3 purchased 2.61 million ARBs with 3.56 million USDC and USDT at a unit price of $1.36; addresses beginning with 0xf53fe purchased 1.53 million ARBs with 1.95 million USDC at a unit price of $1.28. The address starting with 0xa161a purchased 1.49 million ARBs with 1.99 million USDC at a unit price of 1.33 USD.

According to news on March 24, the media saw hundreds of messages from Discord servers and Telegram groups controlled and operated by Binance, where the accounts of Binance employees or Binance-trained volunteers (called “angels”) Techniques that can be used to circumvent Binance’s KYC, registration and verification systems were shared in the group.

Some of the techniques shared by staff and volunteers involved falsifying bank documents or providing false addresses. Others involve simple manipulation of the Binance system.

Employees, volunteers, and customers also shared video guides and documents showing how to fake residency to obtain Binance’s debit card, which would effectively turn their Binance cryptocurrency into a traditional checking account. The technology shared with customers also calls into question the effectiveness of Binance’s anti-money laundering efforts.

A Binance spokesperson said: “We have taken action against employees who may have violated our internal policies, including falsely soliciting or making suggestions that are not permitted or do not meet our standards. We have strict policies that require all users to submit to We provide country of residence and other personally identifiable information to pass KYC. Binance employees are expressly prohibited from advising or supporting users to circumvent local laws and regulatory policies, and will be immediately terminated or audited if found violating these policies.”

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited (GMM) announced that it will issue 1,200,000 shares at a price of US$4.50 to US$5.50 per share and raise US$6 million through an initial public offering (IPO) next week.

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited is a technology solution provider engaged in virtual content production, digital marketing and digital asset development in the metaverse industry. Its clients include well-known companies such as L’Oreal and PepsiCo.

The company also revealed that it has established a strong digital asset bank with more than 7,000 3D digital assets.

According to the latest data from Dune Analytics, the total value of Ethereum’s Layer 2 expansion solution StarkNet cross-chain bridging storage has exceeded 20,000 ETH, which was 20,814 ETH at the time of writing (over 37 million US dollars based on the current ETH price), users participating in bridging transactions The quantity is 187,655.

Historical data shows that the total value of StarkNet cross-chain bridge storage exceeded 10,000 ETH in early January this year, which means that this indicator has doubled in less than two months.