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NFT casting platform Nameless has announced the launch of StealthTest, a testnet Web3 software-as-a-service tool designed to improve NFT project testing and quality assurance, addressing critical infrastructure and deployment issues in the emerging Web3 industry.

The tool gives Web3 developers access to private testnets of Ethereum, IPFS and Arweave to extensively test smart contracts and improve project security during the NFT project life cycle.

According to the historical transaction data of NFTGO, the Tiffany NFT series “NFTiff” has not had any transactions since August 13. The total transaction amount so far is 3.56 million US dollars, and the market value is 16.2 million US dollars.

According to Dune Analytics data, although a total of 250 NFTiffs have been minted, 26 have not been redeemed so far.

The ApeCoin community has initiated a new proposal, AIP-88, which aims to launch the Launchpad for the ApeCoin NFT project and integrate the ApeCoin community into one NFT placement platform.

AIP-88, titled Earn ApeCoin Income with No-Code NFT Drop Platform and Launchpad, was initiated by Bored Ape Yacht Club member and NiftyKit co-founder Dan.

Hope to use this self-service smart contract based Launchpad platform to fund developers and build deep integration with ApeCoin and set it as the base token of the creator economy.

Hasbro, the world’s second-largest toy maker, announced the restart of the Startup Lineup sports toy line, which will release a series of collectible toy versions of NBA stars such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

Each toy will be equipped with the NFT of the star card company Panini (Panini), these NFTs will be stored on the private blockchain of Panini, each trading card NFT has a different rarity, but in the future these rare It remains to be seen whether the toy NFTs will eventually command higher resale prices on the Panini secondary market.

Boxing champion Mike Tyson announced a partnership with Ex Populus, a Web3 game studio backed by Animoca Brands, to launch Iron Pigeons, a pigeon-themed NFT series on the Solana blockchain, with a total of 10,000 pieces.

In addition, Tyson also asked netizens in the media: How much do you know about the Ethereum merger last week? Since I launched NFTs, now wondering how the Ethereum merger will affect NFTs.

Crypto payment platform MoonPay has helped its partner Universal Studios create an NFT-based scavenger hunt at its Universal theme parks.

MoonPay is reportedly creating as many as 7 million NFTs through its minting service Hypermint, which can be picked up at Universal theme parks in Orlando, Florida or Hollywood, California.

ConsenSys, an Ethereum infrastructure development company, launched Regenesis, a series of NFTs celebrating the successful merger of Ethereum, which has opened for minting.

As previously reported, ConsenSys announced that to celebrate the milestone moment of Ethereum’s PoS merger (TheMerge), the world will be invited to participate in the minting event of its first sustainable NFT Regenesis launched on the Ethereum mainnet.

Minting will be free and open to everyone for 72 hours from the date of the merger, and the only cost is that users pay their own gas fees.

The OKX NFT market is planning to issue official NFTs to better empower trading users, and the distribution mechanism will be skewed towards early trading users.

The spokesperson said that the Ouyi NFT market aggregates the liquidity of Opensea and Magic Eden at the same time, and NFT users are recommended to trade in the Ouyi NFT market.

It is understood that the OKX NFT market is a multi-chain aggregation platform that integrates creation, collection, and transaction functions with zero handling fees.

Users can also place orders to multiple platforms directly in the OKX NFT market with one click. Support 8 popular public chains: ETH, SOL, BSC, OKC, Polygon, AVAX-C, IMX, Arbitrum.

At the 9th Kuala Lumpur International Numismatic Expo, Trigometric Corporation launched NumisArt, the numismatic NFT marketplace, the first numismatic NFT trading platform that aims to provide a modern infrastructure for the delivery and trading of collectibles.

A fast, simple, secure and reliable platform based on blockchain technology for all collectors.

Trigometric is the largest collectible auction company in Malaysia, established in 2002. The company is also the organizer of the Kuala Lumpur International Numismatic Expo, the largest numismatic exhibition in Malaysia.

Menswear brand Psycho Bunny has partnered exclusively with street artist Buff Monster to launch two back-to-back versions of 100 limited-edition NFTs and 5 unique NFTs.

Hollywood comedy king Jim Carrey once secretly released the NFT series Germinations on Foundation under the pseudonym StringBean on May 9, 2022.

The series consists of 5 animated images of Jim Carrey’s own characters, complete with audio of Jim Carrey’s own character.

The artwork and audio were then provided to the Big Head Club team for subsequent distribution. According to previous reports, in June this year, Jim Carrey released the NFT work Sunshower on SuperRare.

According to OpenSea data, RTFKT, the parent company of CLONE X-X TAKASHI MURAKAMI series NFT creation, has recently changed the mouth feature of its CloneX #7968 NFT work to LBJ Beard and the head feature to CHOSEN 1 CRWN. The two new features are Unique property (1 of 1).

It is reported that the mouth feature LBJ Beard is James’ beard, and the head feature CHOSEN 1 CRWN is taken from James’ personal crown Logo and his back tattoo CHOSEN 1.

The encrypted fashion brand RTFKT was acquired by Nike in December 2021, and Nike signed a lifetime contract with James in 2015, so the market speculates that this change is related to subsequent related cooperation.

The European Union recently announced that it is developing a system that will use blockchain and NFTs as part of its fight against counterfeit physical goods.

The proposed system will be designed by the European Union Intellectual Property Office. A document released this month explained that the group had chosen a high-level architecture for the mission and detailed how the system would work.

Intellectual property (IP) holders will create digital tokens (dual NFTs) to attest to the authenticity of a set of produced goods.

These IP holders must be listed in advance as an approved signatory to create these products on the tracking blockchain.

The solution will allow supply chain tracking as products travel through different checkpoints, allowing IP holders to be certain that the products arriving at the store are genuine.

The second-generation project of DeGods, the second-generation project of Solana’s largest NFT project by market value, y00ts series of NFTs has reached the top of the OpenSea 24-hour transaction volume ranking 2 hours after the start of minting. As of press time, it was 62,656 SOL, or about 2,042,000 US dollars.

As previously reported, Dust Labs, the parent company of y00ts series NFT creation, announced today that it has completed a $7 million seed round of financing. This round of financing was funded by Chapter One, Foundation Capital, Magic Eden, FTX Ventures, Jump Capital, Jupiter, Hyperspace, Solana Ventures, Mysten Labs, etc. Participate in the vote.