Metaverse News

ALTAVA Group, the Web3 luxury fashion Metaverse platform, announced a partnership with Netmarble F&C subsidiary Metaverse World.

ALTAVA Group will distribute 1,000 BAGC NFTs to MetaverseWorld and develop the ALTAVA x BAGC golf experience on its Metaverse.

In addition, when players purchase BAGC NFT on the FNCY platform of Metaverse World, the platform will give away BAGC clothing. Metaverse World will also provide tools for BAGC NFT versions, after which Altava will be able to build virtual spaces there.

The Sandbox issued an article stating that it has reached a cooperation with “Forbes” magazine. The latter will launch a metaverse developed in cooperation with Polygonal Mind Creative Studio on The Sandbox, where users can learn about the history of Forbes, founder Malcolm Forbes and learn about 30 Under 30 Gallery and other content.

When users purchase the Forbes-exclusive wearable device, they can get a unique accessory. The Metaverse will provide a total of 50,000 SAND rewards.

The Smurfs’ Society is bringing its Web3 project, Smurfs, to The Sandbox metaverse.

According to the official statement, The Smurfs’ Society rewards The Sandbox community with 3,000 exclusive Smurf statues and surrounding NFTs to reward Smurfs Voxel holders and long-term community members of The Sandbox.

These NFTs will grant their holders early access to the Smurfs’ Society platform as well as an exclusive scavenger hunt experience in The Sandbox.

According to the metaverse patent ranking compiled by Tokyo-based research firm Cyber Creative Institute, since 2016, LG has filed the most metaverse patent applications, climbing from 11th place in 2010-2015 to first place.

Samsung Electronics came in second. Huawei, which did not make the top 20 in previous surveys, has now jumped to fourth place with a large number of patents related to image and display processing. Meta is third, Microsoft is fifth, and Intel and Apple are among the six U.S. companies in the top ten.

Sony is the only Japanese company to make it into the top 10, coming in at number six. Taken together, the top 20 companies submitted a total of 7,760 metaverse patents, of which the United States accounted for 57%, followed by South Korea with 19%, and China with 12%. Japanese companies accounted for 8%.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger, avatar platform Genies board member and Metaverse supporter Bob Iger announced. He will succeed current Disney CEO Bob Chapek as Disney CEO.

According to reports, Iger’s return is only temporary, and he only agreed to serve as Disney CEO for the next two years. In his new term as CEO, Iger will work with the board to set the strategic direction for the company and work to develop a successor.

It is reported that when Disney applied for patents related to the metaverse in December last year, Bob Iger was still Disney’s executive officer and chairman of the board of directors. At that time, Disney stated that it had no plan to use the virtual world simulator patent, and the company had not announced any products related to this patent.

As of October 2022, there has been a sharp increase in trademark applications for virtual products and services related to cryptoassets, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

The number of trademark applications filed by Metaverse and its related virtual products and services increased from 1,890 in 2021 to 4,997 in 2022. Trademark applications for NFT and its related projects reached 6,855, up from 2,142 in the same period last year.

Nokia, one of the first manufacturers to create a mobile phone system, predicted that the mobile phone trend known today would decline in the metaverse.

While cell phones will still exist, the metaverse experience will be the dominant form of communication in the second half of the century. While augmented reality devices are still a long way off, Nokia believes that audience interest in such devices will increase, which will drive the metaverse.

All of these connections create security holes, Nokia predicts, and the company is also working to protect users in virtual worlds.

Food giant Kraft Foods has filed for NFT and Metaverse trademarks for its iconic hot dog vehicle, the Weinermobile, according to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis.

According to the application information disclosed by the US Patent and Trademark Office, Kraft Foods will provide virtual food and beverage products, NFT, and online metaverse restaurants based on physical and virtual objects.

Kraft Foods has previously filed Metaverse and NFT trademark applications for Kraft, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Velveeta, Lunchables, Oscar Mayer and Philadelphia.

Metaverse company Translucia has acquired a major stake in the Thai e-sports community Infofed. Although the specific acquisition amount in US dollars has not been disclosed, it is estimated to reach 8 figures.

It is reported that Infofed was established in 2015 to provide one-stop community services for game manufacturers, game enthusiasts and e-sports players. It has an online e-sports competition community eArena and an offline e-sports venue Thailand E-Sport Arena. Translucia, a Metaverse developer under Thai entertainment giant T&B Media Global, will set up an eSports training camp with Infoded and develop eSports content within its Metaverse.