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Zuckerberg: Meta is still fully committed to the metaverse vision

“We remain fully committed to the Metaverse vision while continuing to invest in the field of artificial intelligence,” said Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta. “We have been working on these two main priorities simultaneously for many years, and in many ways the two areas overlap and complement each other. Reality Labs, the Metaverse division, posted a loss of $3.74 billion on revenue of more than $276 million in the second quarter of this year, citing product development work in the field of virtual reality and further investment in its Metaverse as the reason for the widening loss.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will enhance games and the Metaverse

Apple, which will announce a mixed reality headset at its annual WWDC conference on Monday, is adept at taking emerging technologies and making them more refined and accessible to the masses, and its headset could do the same for AR. Such platforms will be key catalysts to expand the metaverse and blockchain-powered games with novel experiences that are integrated into everyday life. Previously, Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple whistleblower reporter, said that it is estimated that Apple’s WWDC 2023 will have three key contents: several new Mac products, the first mixed reality headset, and a new operating system.

AMC to launch AI toolset and Metaverse mobile game this month

According to official news, AMC announced that it will launch an AI toolset and metaverse mobile game this month, and establish an ecological partnership with Fantaverse and Planet Hares. In addition, AI META CLUB (AMC) will jointly issue 6,000 Genesis Terran NFTs. These Genesis Terran NFTs will be the creators and builders of the metaverse, and can reproduce more human offspring through a 1:1 combination of male and female. AI META CLUB (AMC), based on AI technology, will aggregate a variety of AI tools to empower the metaverse ecology, promote the integration and development of AI and metaverse, and jointly build a new metaverse economy.

Binance Launches First Metaverse Reality Show “Build The Block”

The first episode of the program will be launched on Binance Live and Binance’s official YouTube account at 22:00 (UTC+8) on May 12.

SHIB: Metaverse is expected to open this December and will be developed on Shibarium

On April 11th, Shiba Inu (SHIB) developers stated in an update on Monday that SHIB: Metaverse is a project to expand the utility of the SHIB ecosystem and is expected to open in December this year. It's unlikely the Metaverse will be fully completed at launch, as it will be a "work in progress". It is reported that SHIB: Metaverse will have 100,595 blocks of land minted by users. Landlords can earn passive income from their plots, collect in-game resources and earn rewards. This metaverse project will be developed in Shibarium, an upcoming layer 2 network using Shiba ecosystem tokens such as BONE and LEASH, whose testnet is already live.

Forbes: “Metaverse’s first stock” Roblox may face money laundering charges

Metaverse game platform Roblox may face money laundering issues. According to a newly disclosed court document, more than 300 users are suspected of money laundering by using Roblox in-game currency to purchase fake in-game items. The proposal was submitted to San Francisco federal court on Tuesday. It is reported that the money laundering case stems from a class action lawsuit filed nearly two years ago. The settlement documents show that some users will not receive part of the $7.5 million in expenditures. The settlement agreement requires court approval, but Roblox has agreed to pay the affected Users paid $7.5 million. According to Roblox spokesman William Nevius, Roblox disagrees with the money laundering allegations, the company will soon submit a brief in response, and has already taken measures on the platform to prevent money laundering.

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited plans to raise US$6 million through IPO

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited (GMM) announced that it will issue 1,200,000 shares at a price of US$4.50 to US$5.50 per share and raise US$6 million through an initial public offering (IPO) next week. Global Mofy Metaverse Limited is a technology solution provider engaged in virtual content production, digital marketing and digital asset development in the metaverse industry. Its clients include well-known companies such as L'Oreal and PepsiCo. The company also revealed that it has established a strong digital asset bank with more than 7,000 3D digital assets.

DAO magipop reached strategic cooperation with iPollo metaverse infrastructure

According to official news, Web3 creator DAO magipop has reached a strategic cooperation with Nano Labs' iPollo metaverse infrastructure. In 2022, magipop won the investment of Curt Shi (Shi Hai), an early investor of StepN and a partner of Prodigital Future Fund. In the ETHDenver event in 2023, it won the NFT track bounty award, which proved its strength in the NFT field leadership and strength. The cooperation will provide more creative and interesting content on the iPollo Metaverse infrastructure, attract more users and community participation, and create a richer virtual world.

Bandai Namco’s Web3 Metaverse Fund Invests in Game Studio SuperGaming

Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has used its "Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund" of the Web3 metaverse fund to invest in SuperGaming, a game studio in cooperation with Google Cloud. Bandai Namco Entertainment said in a statement that this investment It will further expand its business in the Asian IP market. Although the amount of this investment has not been publicly disclosed, the fund usually invests between 10 million yen and 500 million yen. Bandai Namco Entertainment 021 Fund was established in April last year. It mainly supports start-up companies that build an "IP universe". It also invested in DeepMotion, a digital character solution that provides AI-driven motion capture and real-time body tracking.

UAE DMCC cooperates with South Korea Metaverse Company

According to sources, Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC) recently announced the signing of two memorandums of understanding with a South Korean Metaverse platform, planning to form a partnership to facilitate the expansion of the UAE’s global Web3 business. Founded in 2002, DMCC is the largest free trade zone in the UAE; in 2021, the government launched the DMCC Encryption Center, a comprehensive ecosystem for enterprises in the encryption and blockchain fields. The data shows that, of all MENA countries, the UAE is the most crypto-focused country.

South Korea to spend a total of $51 million on Metaverse projects

South Korea's Ministry of Science and Technology announced Wednesday that it will invest 27.7 billion won ($21 million) in local services utilizing Metaverse. The $21 million investment will support 13 new projects in areas such as healthcare, education and tourism that will leverage Metaverse innovative services to improve services to the public. South Korea announced a 40 billion won ($30 million) fund on Tuesday that will encourage small players in the metaverse to aggressively seek mergers and acquisitions to expand their businesses into global markets.

Home and building supplies retail giant Home Depot enters the Roblox Metaverse

The home building materials retail giant Home Depot has settled in the Roblox Metaverse and launched a virtual version of its children's workshop. Children can go to the Roblox Redcliff city and visit the Home Depot Metaverse storefront and start a scavenger hunt in it, aiming to stimulate creativity and promote problem solving And encourage social interaction. Home Depot senior vice president and chief marketing officer Molly Battin said the company is taking the Kids Workshops experience to a new level in the Metaverse.

Adidas to host Into the Metaverse event in Berlin, Germany on March 25

Indigo Herz, the NFT project launched by Adidas, tweeted that Adidas will hold the Into the Metaverse (ITM) event in Berlin, Germany on March 25. ITM NFT holders can start receiving free tickets from 1:00 pm EST on March 8th, and NFT holders participating in ITM Phase 1 and Phase 2 can receive tickets through Tokenproof.

WSJ: U.S. senators call on Meta to stop promoting Metaverse social apps to teens

According to a letter from U.S. senators to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Meta should stop plans to distribute its Metaverse virtual world social app, Horizon Worlds, to teens aged 13 to 17, given that your company has not With its record protecting children and teens, and the mounting evidence that young users in the Metaverse are at risk, we urge you to stop this program immediately. A spokesman for Facebook parent company Meta did not respond to the letter. Earlier news, Facebook parent company Meta said in February this year that it would upgrade its metaverse virtual world social application Horizon Worlds, seeking to attract more teenagers and young users, and plans to open it to teenagers as soon as March.

The Sandbox Joint Creation: Metaverse needs to be open

On March 1, Sebastien Borget, chief operating officer and co-founder of The Sandbox, emphasized that other metaverse platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite do not allow users to freely move digital assets between different platforms. Borget said it is critical that users have true digital ownership of this content, that they are the true owners of their avatars, their wearables, their gear, their land, their homes, and the content they create and earn By. Creators should get 95% or 100% of the revenue they bring in because they contribute to development.

Yuga Labs metaverse project Otherside introduces 9 community projects

According to Yuga Labs metaverse project Otherside highlights 9 community projects and builders on social media. They are: "Unofficial Otherside Wikipedia" Wikiotherside, Otherside data analysis builder Otherside_wiki, media project OtherSpaceFM, podcast project NFTeaShow, Otherside animation builder Rida, Koda animation artist KEEZi.ETH and another animator Takeshi Gitano, and Koda 3D rendering project Jepgkidz and Otherside music video project ApeRaveClub.

Data: The World Cup will drive the sports metaverse market size to 80 billion US dollars

According to a report released by Web3 Studios in conjunction with Animoca Brands, ConsenSys, The Football Company, Apex Capital and other institutions. The World Cup may be an "inflection point" in the sports metaverse, and the shift from "passive to active fan engagement" may be the ultimate catalyst for the emergence of web3 in global sports. Some products and services, including memorabilia, trading cards, games, fan gear, fan tokens, and e-sports using web3 to store important moments, may drive the sports metaverse market to reach $80 billion by 2030.

Metaverse platform ALTAVA Group will distribute 1000 BAGC NFTs to Metaverse World

ALTAVA Group, the Web3 luxury fashion Metaverse platform, announced a partnership with Netmarble F&C subsidiary Metaverse World. ALTAVA Group will distribute 1,000 BAGC NFTs to MetaverseWorld and develop the ALTAVA x BAGC golf experience on its Metaverse. In addition, when players purchase BAGC NFT on the FNCY platform of Metaverse World, the platform will give away BAGC clothing. Metaverse World will also provide tools for BAGC NFT versions, after which Altava will be able to build virtual spaces there.

Forbes Magazine to Feature the Metaverse on The Sandbox

The Sandbox issued an article stating that it has reached a cooperation with "Forbes" magazine. The latter will launch a metaverse developed in cooperation with Polygonal Mind Creative Studio on The Sandbox, where users can learn about the history of Forbes, founder Malcolm Forbes and learn about 30 Under 30 Gallery and other content. When users purchase the Forbes-exclusive wearable device, they can get a unique accessory. The Metaverse will provide a total of 50,000 SAND rewards.

The Smurfs’ Society partners with The Sandbox

The Smurfs' Society is bringing its Web3 project, Smurfs, to The Sandbox metaverse. According to the official statement, The Smurfs' Society rewards The Sandbox community with 3,000 exclusive Smurf statues and surrounding NFTs to reward Smurfs Voxel holders and long-term community members of The Sandbox. These NFTs will grant their holders early access to the Smurfs' Society platform as well as an exclusive scavenger hunt experience in The Sandbox.



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