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P2E metaverse meme coin Tamadoge raises $1 million in beta. Beta sales began on July 25 and are scheduled to run until August 31.

Tamadoge’s eventual goal is to raise $10M to build its GameFi ecosystem of making money from games, with $2M coming from an ongoing test sale, of which 1 TAMA can be purchased for 0.01 USDT. The beta sale also accepts ETH and fiat currencies.

The Sandbox has announced a partnership with 11:11 Media, a company owned by Hilton Hotel Group heir Paris Hilton, to create the virtual mansion Malibu Mansion in its metaverse.

Her community will be invited to events like a rooftop party at the virtual Malibu building. Players will also be invited to a Halloween event.

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks, said on the Altcoin Daily podcast: People buy lots in the metaverse sucks — it’s the dumbest thing ever, and it’s super super dumb, Because in the crypto industry, it all comes down to the community, and after you create the community, you can figure out how crypto works.

However, Mark Cuban himself is an investor in Yuga Labs, which has successfully auctioned more than 55,000 virtual parcel NFTs in the Metaverse Otherside.

In this regard, Mark Cuban explained: I am an investor, but I think it is stupid, although they (Yuga Labs) make a lot of money, you call it virtual real estate, but it is really just a right of access.

Rugby World Cup winner, former England captain, and World Rugby Hall of Fame legend Lawrence Dallaglio has been appointed global strategic advisor by Caduceus, a protocol for decentralised edge rendering of the metaverse, working on bringing sports into the metaverse.

As one of the few players to win both the Rugby World Cup and the Sevens World Cup, Lawrence Dallaglio said: “I’m only interested in collaborating on top-notch projects in the industry, and Caduceus is the only project I’ve seen that is suitable for collaboration in the Web3 space, and it’s far ahead of others. Project, I believe this cooperation will be a very exciting journey.

As an open infrastructure platform for the metaverse and digital world, Caduceus has been favored by many sports superstars.

It has previously received investment from football legend John Terry, and has reached in-depth cooperation with Ian Botham, the godfather of British cricket, in NFT and the Metaverse.

According to official news, the star metaverse project MetaCity developed by the NFT incubator company Tlabs, has also decided to land on MetaCity after the Canadian rock star Avril Lavigne and the Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder announced that they would land on the metaverse project MetaCity.

It is reported that MetaCity has launched several Twitter Spaces with different partners in the past week, including NFT trading platform GateNFT, NFT secondary market trading platform LooksRare,, and the former head of Decentraland in China.

The co-speaker said: “MetaCity is a project that can be held for a long time.” At present, in addition to, Double-A Chain has also officially announced a strategic cooperation with MetaCity, which will be launched on the iNFTspace market in the near future. Double-A Chain (AAC) issued.

French cognac brand Martell will launch the Metaverse on The Sandbox, where users will be able to visit Martell Castle and meet important figures in Martell history.

In addition, Martell will issue NFTs including Vineyard Grapes, Martell Cordon Bleu, Castle Deer, and Martell Stills.

Speaking at TechLaw Fest 2022, Edwin Tong, Singapore’s Second Minister of Law, believes that even highly personal, intimate events such as wedding ceremonies can be performed on the Metaverse.

“It is not unthinkable that, apart from marriage registration, other government services will soon be accessible online through the Metaverse,” Tong said. Regarding legal services on the Metaverse, the minister added: “There is no reason why legal services cannot be conducted on the same day. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to us that even the dispute resolution process, once considered a high-contact, physical contact, can be held almost entirely online. It is believed that such a comprehensive platform will make the entire dispute resolution process more convenient, efficient, and compatible with The rest of the world is developing in sync.”

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DappRader data analyst Pedro Herrera said at the Metaverse Summit in Paris that since 2021, the total funding of metaverse or Web3 gaming projects has exceeded $10 billion.

A new economic system has been realized in this field, and in the future, the Metaverse will create a number of new jobs, such as digital artists, virtual designers, digital real estate brokers, developers, etc.

Solana-based game metaverse Star Atlas has announced the Star Atlas DAO. The DAO will utilize Star Atlas’ governance token, POLIS, to enable members to participate in the decision-making process.

To achieve the long-term vision, the POLIS lock-up period will be as long as 5 years.

The Yuga Labs metaverse project Otherside has completed the “First Trip” technology demonstration early this morning and released a Litepaper.

This document serves as an introductory guide for Otherside, covering the platform’s fundamental principles, developer capabilities, and community co-creation possibilities. The content of Litepaper will grow and change over time.

Eventually, it will be replaced by The Codex (the second stage of Voyager’s journey) and the Otherside dynamic documentation. As previously reported, Otherside plans to deploy technology demonstrations from the first phase of the Otherside roadmap. This First Trip experience will be limited to Otherdeed lot owners, known as Voyagers. The platform describes it as “celebrating what’s to come and giving Voyagers an opportunity to gather, explore and plan”.

According to Samsung’s official report, the company has launched a metaverse game for Generation Z, Space Tycoon, where the gameplay is to collect virtual themed accessories and virtual electronics in a virtual world. Players can collect raw materials in mining areas in the virtual world, and then combine them to create finished products in the laboratory area. Covers gadgets such as mobile phones, TVs, watches, etc.

Plus, the Space Tycoon game supports 14 languages including Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish, with tons of extras for interacting, participating in virtual parties, and more.

It is reported that this is not the first cooperation between Samsung and Roblox. Earlier this year, the two sides held a Superstar Galaxy / Charli XCX virtual concert together.

The art metaverse ArtMeta has partnered with VP Bank, an international banking group. The partnership with VP Bank will expand their services, such as digitizing high-value art collections and presenting them in the ArtMeta virtual world.

With offices in Vaduz, Zurich, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tortola (BVI), VP Bank has served ultra-high net worth clients for over 65 years and is renowned for its banking services.

According to Jiho, the co-founder of Axie Infinity, on social media, Axie Infinity will start the virtual land staking “Land Staking” on July 1, and AXS rewards will be accumulated on the virtual land that has been pledged about an hour after the completion.

According to official news, ULTRADX has reached an in-depth strategic partnership with MastersDAO and the MoreMeta metaverse platform.

According to the official introduction, ULTRADX is a cryptocurrency trading platform that adopts the full-category cross-warehousing margin system of CME in the United States and the real-time clearing and settlement system of OCC. MoreMeta is a comprehensive metaverse project that carries content value and social value in an immersive space.

Now it has reached industry-university-research cooperation in the direction of digital art with a number of art colleges and cultural institutions, and has realized digital solutions for cultural tourism and cultural exposition in many places, providing creation and value innovation for the upstream and downstream of the ecological chain.

MastersDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization composed of enthusiasts and artists in various fields around the world, covering fields such as art, antiques, calligraphy and painting, music, film and television, etc.

According to the latest data, the total market value of Metaverse-related crypto assets has recovered to US$12.3 billion, a 24-hour increase of 6.97%, and a 24-hour transaction volume of US$2.5 billion.

The current top five NFT tokens by market value are: Decentraland ($1.77 billion), ThetaNetwork ($1.45 billion), TheSandbox ($1.17 billion), ApeCoin ($1.29 billion), and AxieInfinity ($1.21 billion).

The Sandbox has partnered with TIME Pieces, the Web3 community initiative of TIME Magazine.

A virtual arts and business hub “TIME Square” will be developed in TheSandbox’s metaverse, which will serve the TIME Pieces community by providing virtual access to discussions, events, TIME Studios project screenings and educational experiences.

Web3 voucher data network Project Galaxy has partnered with metaverse project AlterVerse to build a new space in Sky City to create a reward and engagement strategy.

Users can buy land, build, shop, socialize, collect resources, and craft NFTs, while players will be able to discover new items, explore available rewards, and redeem prizes.

According to a tweet by US lawyer Mike Kondoudis, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA has submitted 7 NFT and Metaverse related trademark applications, covering NFT+NFT-supported media+digital collectibles, virtual clothing/headwear/bags /Artwork, actual and virtual concerts + virtual world experience.

Beverly Hills is a city located in the west of Los Angeles County, California, United States. Beverly Hills has the title of the most prestigious residential area in the world. It has the most high-end commercial street in the world, and also gathers many mansions of Hollywood movie stars. The shrine of world cinema.

According to the latest data, the total market value of Metaverse-related crypto assets rose to US$10.15 billion, a 24-hour increase of 8.6%, and a 24-hour transaction volume of US$2.02 billion.

The top five NFT tokens by current market value are: Decentraland ($1.49 billion), ThetaNetwork ($1.25 billion), ApeCoin ($1.23 billion), AxieInfinity ($1.08 billion), and TheSandbox ($1.04 billion).

The Otherdeed floor price of Yuga Labs’ metaverse project Otherside virtual plot has fallen below 2 ETH. At the time of writing this article, it was 1.72 ETH, a 24-hour drop of 3.91%.

However, as the floor price fell, the transaction volume on Otherdeed increased, reaching $2,784,364.91 in the past 24 hours, an increase of 67.02%.

According to the latest data, the total market value of Metaverse-related crypto assets fell to $9.9 billion, down 8.54% in 24 hours, and the 24-hour trading volume was $2.56 billion.

The current top five NFT tokens by market value are: Decentraland ($1.47 billion), ApeCoin ($1.11 billion), The Sandbox ($1.10 billion), Theta Network ($1.04 billion), and Axie Infinity ($860 million).

Merit Circle, the blockchain game association, announced a partnership with Gmatrix, a metaverse game distribution platform. As part of the partnership, Merit Circle has invested $250,000 in Gmatrix and assumed an advisory role.

The Gmatrix team has created a full-chain distribution platform that, through its easy-to-use SDK interface, allows developers to deliver games to players across multiple chains with just one integration.