JPMorgan has agreed to pay around $350 million, in fines as part of a settlement following findings by regulators that it failed to report trading data. The disclosure, mentioned in a filing points out flaws in the banks trade monitoring systems particularly within its Corporate and Investment Bank unit.

The problem came to light when regulators looked into the banks trading procedures and found that not all trading and order data was properly included in its monitoring systems. According to JPMorgan this issue was limited to activities with a gap in data at one venue mostly tied to sponsored client access.

Despite the significance of this gap JPMorgan clarified that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by employees and no harm identified towards clients or the overall market. The bank stressed its dedication to upholding the integrity of its trading activities and safeguarding market participants.

The $350 million penalties are expected to address discrepancies with two U.S. Bodies.however the bank did not reveal the names of these agencies.

Additionally JPMorgan is currently engaged in discussions with a regulator though it is uncertain if an agreement will be reached through these talks.

This settlement highlights the importance of trade reporting systems and the repercussions of any shortcomings, in mechanisms.

Financial institutions are, under scrutiny, for their trading practices emphasizing the importance of enhancing compliance and surveillance technologies.