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STEPN’s decentralized trading platform DOOAR has been launched on the front end with a new UI/UX design. Currently, it only supports GMT, GST, USDC, and ETH four asset exchanges. Bringing sustainability into the STEPN ecosystem while giving back to the community.

As previously reported, STEPN launched DOOAR in mid-June, allowing these users to provide liquidity in their native tokens (GST/USDC or GMT/USDC). According to Dune data, DOOAR currently has about 77,000 daily active users.

The registration portal for the Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon has opened at DoraHacks. Hosted by Trust EVM, project submissions will run from August 15th to September 14th, with a total prize pool of $150,000.

The four-week Trust EVM GameFi Hackathon aims to encourage and support the construction of Gaming projects, attracting global developers to build GameFi projects on Trust EVM. Trust EVM will provide technical and community resources for all participants.

According to Nucleo’s official blog, private multi-signature protocol Nucleo has started closed beta testing on Aztec Network, a ZKRollup-based privacy and scaling solution.

Using multi-signature and zero-knowledge cryptography technology, it allows users to conduct private transactions, private DeFi, private fundraising and other operations by viewing keys, and has auditability.

William Volk, director of Shiba Inu Games, said that Shiba Inu’s card game Shiba Eternity has started testing in Vietnam, and iOS users in Vietnam can participate in the test.

Due to higher-than-expected demand, the team had to increase server capacity by a factor of 50.

Binance announced that it has received in-principle approval from Kazakhstan’s Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) to operate digital asset trading facilities and provide custody services at the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC).

Binance said AFSA’s move makes it the first regulator in Kazakhstan to approve a Binance entity in principle.

AFSA approval-in-principle still requires Binance to complete the full approval process, which is expected to be completed in due course.

Binance will then be able to serve as a digital asset trading facility operator and custody provider in the Astana International Financial Centre.

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The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) says it is introducing new reporting requirements for real estate transactions that use virtual currencies as payment methods.

According to a report published by WAM, the decision to change reporting requirements came after several meetings and discussions between the UAE’s Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Discussions focused on how real estate agents, brokers and law firms should report real estate purchases or sales to the FIU.

As part of the new reporting requirements, real estate agents are required to report to the FIU “all cash transactions with single or multiple cash payments equal to or above 55,000 AED (approximately $14,974). Including the use of virtual assets, agents and brokers must report to the FIU.

Strike, the Lightning Network-based cryptocurrency payment app, has announced the launch of a new Visa card. The company announced the news on its Twitter feed, saying its users can now take Strike anywhere and earn rewards on everyday spending.

Outreach will begin with a waiting list. In a tweet, Strike said users will be able to use the new card to directly deposit, pay in bitcoin, buy bitcoin, send and receive money, spend with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and earn rewards when they spend.

Github documentation shows that Cardano developers have decided to develop version 1.35.3 of the final node for the Vasil hard fork.

Cardano Node 1.35.3 fixes some important issues with earlier versions of Node and provides some CLI enhancements. This node version provides full Vasil Era functionality.

Cryptocurrency payment option has been added to the official online store of Aston Martin F1 Team (AMF1).

According to the official announcement, AMF1 is giving its online store users the option to purchase items using cryptocurrency by partnering with and e-commerce partner Cube Partnership (Cube).

According to the DappRader encryption adoption report, DeFi lock-up volume has fallen from $160 billion in mid-April this year to a range of $70 billion, the lowest level since March 2021, a drop of 66%.

However, the data shows that in the second quarter, the number of DeFi locked positions decreased by 15% compared with the previous quarter, and the number of unique active wallets decreased by 12%. The downward trend began to slow down. At the same time, the number of active addresses of DeFi applications in the past 30 days has also remained relatively stable.

Authorities in Kazakhstan have launched an investigation into a crypto-mining hotel involved in a financial pyramid scheme as part of their ongoing crackdown on illicit cryptocurrency-related activities.

The platform, called Bincloud, recruited investors through Whatsapp and Telegram, persuading them to put their money into projects that offered mining equipment rentals.

As a reward, they are promised to get back 5% to 6% of the invested amount every day. Kazakhstan’s financial watchdog is urging victims of suspected Ponzi schemes to contact the financial watchdog’s regional department and report the case.

Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, said that despite regulatory hurdles, the company hopes to double down on the South Korean market and boost user adoption.

In an interview at Korea Blockchain Week on Aug. 9, Sky Mavis co-founder and head of growth Jeffrey Zirlin said that the Korean market is one of the most important gaming markets in the world, despite the country still banning P2E games. , we have a large number of players in Korea. ”

Zirlin added that the company is currently looking for ways to make Axie Infinity suitable for Korean players: “We want to double down on the bet. We want to localize, for example, Koreans don’t speak English, so to really get the game to Korean players There are still many obstacles in hand.”

NEAR officially tweeted that in order to ensure the highest level of security, the NEAR wallet no longer allows users to create accounts using email or text messages to restore accounts.

Previously, to improve the usability of the NEAR wallet, NEAR sent user telemetry data to a third-party service that users could use with SMS recovery or email recovery accounts. And in June, a bug was reported in the NEAR wallet that exposed a potential breach in the security of wallets recovered using email or text messages when data was transferred to a third-party service.

A new study finds that Nigeria is the English-speaking country with the most interest in cryptocurrencies. Nigeria’s score of 371 is 101 points higher than second-placed United Arab Emirates and 110 points higher than third-placed Singapore, according to the results of a study by Coingecko. The United States, one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world, ranked 12th with a score of 157.

According to Coingecko co-founder Bobby Ong, the countries at the top appear to be more interested in buying the dip, underscoring their long-term prospects for cryptocurrencies.

The Japan Crypto Asset Business Association (JCBA) and the Japan Crypto Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA) have released tax reform requirements for 2023, proposing a separate tax on cryptocurrencies at a rate of 20%.

The Fiscal Year 2023 Tax Reform Request addresses several issues that both organizations believe are holding back the crypto industry. These issues include the need to facilitate tax filings, lack of consistency within the system, comparisons with overseas cryptoasset taxation systems, and the importance of cryptoassets in Japan’s Web3 strategy.